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Monitor MK-1 Bookshelf

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Hi... New to the forum and my first post. I recently was given a pair of Monitor speakers model MK-1. I've cruised the internet but have come up empty trying to find information on these things. They don't look impressive but sound really good, at least to my ears. Here's a couple pics.




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Welcome racfan9

No manufacturer's name or "Made in ..." label. I'm tempted to say "white van speakers" but if they sound good, that's all that really matters.


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Difficult name to do a google search on as the terms alone mean something. "monitor" has many applicable references and meanings within the same area of search.

Open them up by removing the woofer driver on the front baffle and let's see if there are any other branding clues in there on the drivers etc.

Interesting that the connections are both screw terminal and the RCA input.  Also the little image on the rear sticker show the speaker on it's side in bookshelf configuration.  Of course no available adjustments .

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