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Hifi Speaker, Any Advice?


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You may be in the wrong place. We are "old hi fi speaker" guys and we don't replace broken ones, we fix them.

So, first of all, what are your broken speakers and what's wrong with them?

If buying new there are many things to consider: How will they be used (music, home theater, computer), what are your size requirements/space restrictions? And what is your budget?

There are new speaker designs that seem interesting. I've read some about the Pioneer speakers designed by Andrew Jones. Supposed to be good value for the price but there are MANY choices.

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Great advice from Kent.

Budget is #1 consideration. Otherwise you'll be considering thousands of speakers.

I would stick to well known speaker brands. Because of mass production, you will usually get more speaker for your money. Easier to re-sell if not satisfied. Also, easier to go and listen to at some outlet/store. Klipsch, B&W, Pioneer, Polk and Paradigm just to mention a few. Some manufacturers/sellers offer a 30 day trial period.

But first, as Kent asked, what is broken on your speaker(s)? And what model are your speakers? Maybe someone here can guide you through a repair or purchase the speakers from you.

Please respond and then maybe we can help.

Good luck!

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