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    OLAs again

    Nice work, as usual. I remember reading a post of yours years ago about an Advent restore. When you were finished you still felt the Advents just didn't do it. How about these? Are you selling them? No decision yet? I always felt that the largest downside of the Advent (OLA) was the shrillness of the orange tweeter. Maybe it could be tamed with a crossover adjustment? I still have my OLA pair. Too many fond memories to part with them.
  2. Jackfish, Great to hear from you again. As I recall, the Magnestands ticked off pretty much everything for you except the big slam (dynamics) and the low end which you filled in with a sub. It must be quite the satisfying system if you've kept it this long. Or you just got tired of the audio merry-go-round.
  3. I had a pair of Bose 901 VI. They were OK. Sad to see a another legend sunset. Amar Bose brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people. And he still is. Bose has gone in other directions fo some time now. For example, a line of smart speakers. Not audiophile and not for me but not that bad sounding. So it looks like the Klipschorn wears the longevity crown. In production 72 years and counting.
  4. Nice to hear the good news. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
  5. More detail, bass and larger soundstage on the Onkyos. Seems like the AR2AX's top end is missing a bit. However, the AR2AX sounds more natural. Nothing is like being there but thank you for sharing.
  6. I'm interested. Can you post links? I searched Audiokarma but couldn't find them. Thanks!
  7. Good luck on the surgery and please keep us posted on your recovery.
  8. In my case, I never owned the AR3 or AR3a's when I was a young man. Too expensive. Bought the affordable Advents. So all my memories and nostalgia are linked to the Advents. Much later in life, I purchased AR3a's and restored them. Great sound but not to the point where I can't live without them.
  9. There is also a "for sale/wanted" section. Please post your ad there. Also, include price, location and condition. I always loved the Advents. Still own a pair of OLA (walnut). They sound great and are way easier to maintain than the AR speakers. Tweeters and woofers are readily available and cheap. Plus NO finicky pots! Welcome and Good luck!
  10. Michael T., Hang in there. We'll be here whenever you decide to jump back in. All the best.
  11. Michael T., If everyone would hold a grudge forever, then no one would be talking to anyone. Thanks for your help and I look forward to sharing the successful completeion of your project.
  12. Thanks Roy. Simple enough for me. "and, possibly, the insertion of a 25 ohm resistor across #1 and #2 L-pad terminals." Is that 25 ohm resistor insertion for both tweeter and mid or just for the mids? Thanks for any clarification.
  13. I've found the AR2AX to be a better balanced speaker and much easier to work with than the 3 or 3A. So I'm restoring the AR2AX's. Same characteristic AR sonic signature as the 3 & 3A with less bass. Of course, I'm not stating any principles, just opinions after many years of owning all 3 models. I'm guessing, after years of reading these threads, that the AR9 is the Quintessential AR Speaker
  14. Michael T. & Roy C., Will look into each option. Thanks to both of you for your help. Always appreciated. I'll post what I did in this thread and report back as to how the AR2AX's sound when restored.
  15. Michael T. Do you have a list of the parts you ordered from Parts Express? I have opened up my AR2Ax's and might as well replace the caps & pots. I know you have done all the legwork but if you would share it would be greatly appreciated. The reason I opened up the speakers was because of a scratchy pot that keeps dropping out. I thoroughly cleaned all the pots a couple of years ago but here we go again. Pots are the bane of many an AR speaker owner. Thank you, good luck and a healthy Happy New Year (whether you provide the info or not).
  16. There was a pair of AR5's for sale on Craigslist less than a month ago for $150. They appeared to be in very good condition. Who knows. At any rate, AR3 & AR3a midrange drivers are hard enough to get hold of and with the much lower volume of AR5s out there, the outlook for replacing failed drivers is bleak at best.
  17. Isn't a video also worth a thousand words?
  18. Frank - how about a current photo? Please...
  19. Charity begins at home. An old addage that rings oh so true. Nice work Kent!
  20. As Norman Bates said in Pyscho "A hobby's supposed to pass the time, not fill it."
  21. I owned the AR3 & AR3a simultaneously for quite some time. Eventually sold the AR3 to free up some space. I never felt the AR3a was superior or inferior to the AR3. Just different. But that's me. I enjoy both deep dish pizza, thin crust or Sicilian. I totally agree with AR Surround. AR is best for Acoustic and classical music. And to all AR lovers and owners (including myself), I'm sorry, but I have heard better speakers. Without a doubt. Can't afford a lot of them but that's my problem not the manufacturers. When I bought my AR3s & AR3As, they were cheap. But if you can get $5,000+ for a set of AR3s, more power to ya. So let's just enjoy the gems we own and love and get the most out of them. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” — Theodore Roosevelt
  22. There is a link in my post in the thread: What Size Refoam Kit For Advent 1
  23. So what's the verdict? Probably that Corns are better in most categories but DQ10 wins hands down on imaging. Alas, no speaker is perfect. Or better yet, one needs to prioritize what aspect of a speaker is most important to them and fits within their monetary constraints.
  24. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth at least 10,000.
  25. I worked in shipping in my late teens and early 20's. The staple gun I used made those outlying holes every time. There were 2 pincers which made those holes and then bent the staple's legs in to complete the fastening. If you turn the box over, you would see the same thing. To remove these and re-insert would almost certainly be visiblee. So these are most probably unopened. Jeff_C, you're right. The interesting thing here is the who, where and why.
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