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Rare vintage speakers

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hey guys. i have a pair of 12inch cinaudagraph speakers in J H Dallmeyer cases. I havn't seen anything like them before. I'm wondering if they collaborated this one time and that was it. Im wondering how much they might be worth aswell. If anyone has any idea or has seen something like this before please let me know.

Photo 02-09-2016, 18 29 17.jpg

Photo 03-09-2016, 16 37 43.jpg

Photo 03-09-2016, 16 38 58.jpg

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Those are beautiful, they remind me of external loudspeakers used for portable cinema projectors such as Bell & Howell, Bauer, Ditmar, and others. They were definitely used for a vacuum tube amplifier, probably no more than 10 -15 watts. They look to be in good condition except for the leather on the handles, which are probably the coolest part so don't throw those away but have them restored if possible, and if you replace them then keep the originals in the box. If I was looking for a retro looking box for a guitar amp project then I would be happy to get those, and would be willing to pay up to 50 bucks per box, but someone who collects such things might pay more. Lets see, if we dig a little deeper..... J. H. Dallmeyer was an optician and the founder of the Dallmeyer lens company who made many famous lenses. They also supplied lenses for projectors, and they made some cameras, so it s possible that they tried their hand at making projectors as well, and maybe they made a sound projector which then would have needed loudspeakers, but I can't find any examples on the Internet. Do the speaker chassis have any info on them? They look strangely modern for something that was probably made in the late 40s to mid 50s.



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Here is some historical info about Dallmeyer.


Company Name
J.H. Dallmeyer Ltd    1892 -    
J.H. Dallmeyer    1860 - 1892    
Company Address
31 Mortimer St., Oxford St., London W1    1925 - 1941    
Carlton House, 11d Regent St., London SW1    1920 - 1925    
19, 21 & 23 Oxford St., London    1913 - 1917    
25 Newman St., London    1888 - 1913    
19 Bloomsbury St., London W    1860 - 1887    Between Oxford St. and Streatham St. Later WC postal district
Church End Works. Willesden, London NW    1911 -    NW10 postal district from 1917
83 Denzil Rd., Neasden, London    1906 - 1911    
John Henry Dallmeyer    (b.1832, d.1883) was described as an optician living at West Heath Rd in the 1881 census. Prior to establishing his own company in 1860 he was working for Andrew Ross. In 1854 he married Hannah Ross daughter of Andrew Ross. His sons were Thomas Rudolphus Dallmeyer (b.1859, d.1906) and Richard Dallmeyer (b.1870). A portrait of T.R. Dallmeyer is shown on the frontispiece of the 1909 BJA.
Dallmeyer advertisements and other sources give the establishment date as 1860, a Notice of Removal in 'Notes & Queries' for 17 December 1859 states that J.H. Dallmeyer has already to Bloomsbury Street.
The move to Newman St. took place on the 1st Feb 1888, the move to Mortimer St. took place on 30 Sep 1925. The Denzil Rd and Church End addresses are possibly the same location or Denzil Rd may nave been temporary offices used until the main site was complete; Denzil Road and Willesden High Road are in the same area and linked by Dallmeyer Road.
Cyril Frederick Lan-Davis (b.1887, d.1915), was a director of the company and author of 'Telephotography'.
References: BJA 1912. BJA 1907, p. 1138. BJA 1908, p. 553. BJA 1938, p. 38. YBP 1888, p. cxxix. AP 16/9/1925, p.292.
Taken from www.earlyphotography.co.uk

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Such difficult speakers to pin. It seems like they are one offs. They sound great. Such incredible sound. Im too nervous to remove the speakers to get a proper look. Ive had someone look through Dallmeyers archives but these weren't found. And Cinaudagraph don't really have much of an archive. I know rudy bozak worked for Cinaudagraph for a while, but i cant find his archives. Thanks for the help everyone, i cant wait to finally find out what they are and who built them 




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