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  1. I found a few markings. 3367 fy-12-12 and fy-12-3. Any ideas?
  2. Such difficult speakers to pin. It seems like they are one offs. They sound great. Such incredible sound. Im too nervous to remove the speakers to get a proper look. Ive had someone look through Dallmeyers archives but these weren't found. And Cinaudagraph don't really have much of an archive. I know rudy bozak worked for Cinaudagraph for a while, but i cant find his archives. Thanks for the help everyone, i cant wait to finally find out what they are and who built them
  3. Hi Andy. I tried looking for the speaker on ebay but its no longer there. I have an early cinaudagraph speaker potentially from 1939. It housed in a j.h dalmeyer cabinet and I cant seem to find anything about it. Stunning speakers and they sound incredible. Called "the magic magnet" i think. If you know anything about these i would be so grateful.
  4. hey guys. i have a pair of 12inch cinaudagraph speakers in J H Dallmeyer cases. I havn't seen anything like them before. I'm wondering if they collaborated this one time and that was it. Im wondering how much they might be worth aswell. If anyone has any idea or has seen something like this before please let me know.
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