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  1. Hello, I wanted to introduce some speakers that at least on the Internet very little information is available. They look to be very well built high end 3 way speakers with adjustable mid and tweeter potentiometers. The potis were causing problems so I had to open them up and clean them and took the opportunity to make some pics. Lorenz Acoustics was a sister company of the German Schaub-Lorenz and ITT company. I have some other ITT speakers and can only praise their quality and sound. These speakers are stamped 1979 on the inside.
  2. So, I wanted to round up this thread and thank everyone for their help. The AR-7's are finished and sounding (and looking) great. The glueing and kitting with 2 component putty worked fine. The driver polarities I found by testing with a battery for the woofers, and critical listening for the tweeters. I did encounter one more problem, one of the newly foamed woofers had a bent magnet and was slightly scratching. At first I thought this was going to be unfixable, but I carefully hammered wooden wedges in between the cone and magnet to get it straight again and was happily able to get it back within critical parameters. To me the speakers sound very open and full. Definitely keepers. thanks again! Lucas
  3. Thanks for the advice. I have opted for wood glue and clamp plus a 2 component power putty from Pattex. I had thought about a wood brace on the inside but hope the gluing will work. I wii find out when I take the clamp off tomorrow. Does anyone know the polarities of the woofers and tweeters? Neither are marked. Woofer part # 200001-1. Tweeter part # 200014-3 lucas
  4. Mmmmmm. The white bead I assumed to be original. Now it is brittle and can be chipped off. Poly resin hardens like stone when it has dried. There are two problems here. First the wood against wood rattle caused by the broken joint. This in my opinion needs to be glued rigid. Second is the air leak caused by the broken joint. This in my opinion can be calked or sealed with an epoxy or some other flexible material. Question, all you ar owners out there. Tap on the baffles of a set of speakers. Do they sound the same, make the same tonal resonance?? Just curious. When I hold the cracked joint together, the rattle ceases, but the tonal resonance is still different.
  5. I have encountered a new problem!! The sanding is finished, the cabinets oiled and looking lovely. I was just about to fit the newly arrived woofers and tweeters when I noticed that tapping on the baffle of one of the cabinets produced a rattle. I looked a bit closer and found that on one side of the cabinet the seal is broken or has become unglued, thus causing the rattle. Darn it, how the heck am I going to fix that? Calking it won't be enough and I cannot re-glue it properly without destroying the whole cabinet. I think if I chip away the white sealant and pull the wood apart as much as I can without breaking it, I might be able to get a syringe in the crack, but what glue will work through a syringe? Has anyone else here had this problem before?
  6. So, bygone tones referred me to dr decibel at Celestion speakers and he has confirmed that it is a celestion G12-125 8 ohm with cloth edge surrounds.
  7. Thank you all for your good advice. The Monacor chassis were not fitting properly in the cut out, but luckily Alessando came to my rescue and now I am the proud new owner of a whole set of woofers and tweeters, reconed, original square magnet. So while waiting for those to arrive I've started to sand the boxes...
  8. So, I did some more digging, according to the bygonetones website, which has some very useful reference lists, the T2975 is a Celestion 8 Ohm G12-125 which has 125 watts power and was used in the Marshall 2150 combo. The date is determined by the KM22 stamp which stands for K=October, M=1979, and 22 is the 22nd of the month. I still have not found any info on the 2877 cone code, and most celestion cones are ribbed. Also the circular stamp with the C in it is unusual, but might stand for cloth treated surrounds. I have sent an email to bygone tones and hope to get some clarification.
  9. Here is some historical info about Dallmeyer. Dallmeyer Company Name J.H. Dallmeyer Ltd 1892 - J.H. Dallmeyer 1860 - 1892 Company Address 31 Mortimer St., Oxford St., London W1 1925 - 1941 Carlton House, 11d Regent St., London SW1 1920 - 1925 19, 21 & 23 Oxford St., London 1913 - 1917 25 Newman St., London 1888 - 1913 19 Bloomsbury St., London W 1860 - 1887 Between Oxford St. and Streatham St. Later WC postal district Church End Works. Willesden, London NW 1911 - NW10 postal district from 1917 83 Denzil Rd., Neasden, London 1906 - 1911 John Henry Dallmeyer (b.1832, d.1883) was described as an optician living at West Heath Rd in the 1881 census. Prior to establishing his own company in 1860 he was working for Andrew Ross. In 1854 he married Hannah Ross daughter of Andrew Ross. His sons were Thomas Rudolphus Dallmeyer (b.1859, d.1906) and Richard Dallmeyer (b.1870). A portrait of T.R. Dallmeyer is shown on the frontispiece of the 1909 BJA. Dallmeyer advertisements and other sources give the establishment date as 1860, a Notice of Removal in 'Notes & Queries' for 17 December 1859 states that J.H. Dallmeyer has already to Bloomsbury Street. The move to Newman St. took place on the 1st Feb 1888, the move to Mortimer St. took place on 30 Sep 1925. The Denzil Rd and Church End addresses are possibly the same location or Denzil Rd may nave been temporary offices used until the main site was complete; Denzil Road and Willesden High Road are in the same area and linked by Dallmeyer Road. Cyril Frederick Lan-Davis (b.1887, d.1915), was a director of the company and author of 'Telephotography'. References: BJA 1912. BJA 1907, p. 1138. BJA 1908, p. 553. BJA 1938, p. 38. YBP 1888, p. cxxix. AP 16/9/1925, p.292. Taken from www.earlyphotography.co.uk
  10. Those are beautiful, they remind me of external loudspeakers used for portable cinema projectors such as Bell & Howell, Bauer, Ditmar, and others. They were definitely used for a vacuum tube amplifier, probably no more than 10 -15 watts. They look to be in good condition except for the leather on the handles, which are probably the coolest part so don't throw those away but have them restored if possible, and if you replace them then keep the originals in the box. If I was looking for a retro looking box for a guitar amp project then I would be happy to get those, and would be willing to pay up to 50 bucks per box, but someone who collects such things might pay more. Lets see, if we dig a little deeper..... J. H. Dallmeyer was an optician and the founder of the Dallmeyer lens company who made many famous lenses. They also supplied lenses for projectors, and they made some cameras, so it s possible that they tried their hand at making projectors as well, and maybe they made a sound projector which then would have needed loudspeakers, but I can't find any examples on the Internet. Do the speaker chassis have any info on them? They look strangely modern for something that was probably made in the late 40s to mid 50s. cheers, Lucas
  11. Thanks, but I'm talking about a set of ar-7 speakers. Are you saying those models will fit and have a resonance frequency of 25 Hz? If so I will check them out. I think in the end I will just fit what I can get my hands on here in Europe. Monacor seem to have some good stuff.
  12. Hello, I bought a pair of ar-7 speakers at a flea market, pretty beat up, but with wood veneer and nice grills. Unfortunately I couldn't get the grills off at the market so I took a chance. When I got them home I found both surrounds were disintegrated and one woofer was frozen or scratching. Also one tweeter is dead. Now I'm having a hell of a time finding replacement drivers. The 8" woofers have a square magnet on the back. Are there no replacement woofers out there? Are the tweeters the same as the ar-4 series? I hope i can get these going again. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello, picked up a 12" woofer today. Looks like it could be a guitar speaker, maybe celestion. Only identifying element is the # on the chassis, KM22 T2975, and a number on the cone, 2877. The magnet is very heavy with a vent in the middle and three machined craters. Also on the rim is stamped "made in England". I would like to find out what the specs are for this beast and maybe use it in a guitar box. Thanks...
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