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KLH Model 24 Turntable + Speaker Restoration


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I recently acquired 2 model 24 turntable receiver units and one set of Model 24 speakers. I am hoping to get one solid set out of the lot. One of the receiver units does not work at all, no output. The other unit works very nicely but the turntable is sluggish. All of the auto functions work but I need to coax the table around. I have already started on the speaker restoration. Ill post pics a little later.

I am wondering if anyone has experience with the Garrard turntables in these units or can point me towards a good resource for fixing these up. I think I need to go through and clean/lube all of the mechanisms to start...

Also, are there any components that I should replace inside of the receiver unit? I don't want to do a full recap but would consider rebuilding the power supply or doing other routine maintenance if beneficial.

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Nice compact unit. I don't have mine anymore and don't have notes either but here are some before & after pics of the speaker xo parts and the PS recap.


old and new.JPG


11 07 27_6927.JPG

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Hey, just got back my old 1969 college dorm room KLH model 24! Still works pretty well, except one of the speakers is distorting a little, I've switched speaker outputs, cleaned connections, & it still rattles, so don't think it's coming from the amp. Looking to get it repaired. Any suggestions for KLH lover in Santa Fe?

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