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Inherited series V w/o equalizer


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Recently inherited a set of 901's without the EQ. Now starts the hunt for an EQ. My  question is do I specifically need to match the

Series V EQ or will a IV or VI work correctly? Right now am limiting my hunt to V's only. Thanks for the FB


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Hi and welcome!

I don't know about Bose (but there are members here who do). Fortunately for you Bose, unlike the other New England speakers we love, is still in business. Why not contact their tech support? https://www.bose.com/en_us/support.html?mc=K3073319&gclid=CNSdmY3Br8sCFcYYHwod8sMF1A

Meanwhile, maybe someone here will have an answer.


PS: I downloaded the manual here: http://worldwide.bose.com/productsupport/assets/pdf/guides/speakers/901_series5/en/owg_en_901_series5.pdf

On page 11 it says do NOT use a Series I, II, III o IV EQ with your Series V speakers.

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I think the series 6 EQ will work and they can be bought on Amazon.com new for around $200.

The guy who would really know is David Shirly of DHS Speaker Service

His email is dhsspeaker@hotmail.com

He rebuilds the EQs and uses much better components than Bose used. It does make a difference. He's done a series 6 EQ and series 2 EQ for me.

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They program the MiniDSP with the response curve that duplicates the Series 5 or 6 equalizer. Disadvantage is there is no adjust-ability which allowed the user to better integrate the system with their room. Of course you could add some other type of equalizer to do this but then you'd likely be over the price of a real replacement equalizer. 

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