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Yes... they are similar items that are usually used as upgrade parts to bipolar electrolytics. I would not change anything in these crossovers unless you are shure that there is some fault. Construction is very nice, like David said.

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i am just having an issue with the output levels with the mid/tweeter units.

The left channel is somewhat louder than the right channel.

I have swapped the channels and then the units but the issue still exists.

So I think there is a problem with the placement of the speakers.

I think they like to be placed in open space, far away from back and side walls.

I think the left channel is too close to the side walls and maybe the wide dispersion is bouncing off the wall !

No, I will not touch the XO after the channel swapping exercise.

I think they should be good for a few more years.


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Each speaker comes in two units, the bottom house the woofer and the upper detachable unit house the 2 midrange drivers and one tweeter and the crossover circuit.

Not too sure whether there is another XO circuit for the woofer section. I haven't investigated more yet.

I swapped the upper units but the bottom units stay in the same location.

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