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WTB AR3 midrange driver


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Geoff - - so glad to hear that you met up with Glenn at Frank's place this weekend - - am so disappointed I could not attend, looks like it was so much fun. Yep, GD70's AR-3's are indeed magnificent, and he is indeed the sort of spirit who is willing to help out with restoration efforts. No surprise, but our main man, Roy C, has guided Glenn with his impressive projects. I am waiting for GD70 to bring his LST-2's to one of these gatherings.

Also, was great to see DavidR's earlier note - - I had thought of posting the same, but I realized the mids had already been sold.

DavidDru, 'patience' is the key word with obtaining your difficult and antiquated AR-3 mid drivers. Meanwhile, if you've got a few bucks burning in yer pocket, take a look at this....same state, at least.



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Contacted Glenn and unfortunately he only has a 2ax mid. Thanks for the heads up though Geoff. Greatly appreciated.

Taking my time and staying diligent. Same with a ScanSpeak driver for a Dynaco A25 I need.

Those look like 4x's? Maybe i throw a low bid on it and see what happens? The posting is vague enough that most might be scared off because of the shipping. It's about a 2 hour drive from here.

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