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LEND me a logo, PLEASE!

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Does anyone have a Cizek logo that I could BORROW? I need one like the one shown in this thread: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=7728

Figured if there are none for sale maybe I can get my engraver to make a couple of copies for me.

Thanks to anyone willing to help!

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Still need one. Anybody? I WILL return it--just want to have copies made (if possible)


not sure but a high quality scan with exact measurement may do

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Well, as luck would have it I purchased a radio from a seller on ebay and in our communication he mentioned he had some Cizek Model Twos. I asked if he would let me borrow a speaker badge and he sent one!

Here's a photo. It's embossed aluminum, gold lettering on a brown background. t1500: Is this what yours looks like?

I've had some flat engraved ones made that seem to match those on the Cizek One and possibly others. Cizek changed the badge style often!


PS: Just added a photo of the reproduction (on red background)



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