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  1. I can get toluene by the quart here in Maine at a local ACE Hardware. In the paint section.
  2. Thanks guys. These looked so much older than 70's, like from early 60's, found in a barn I think. I'll dig a bit deeper here. Oh, and I've popped out other tweeters or dust caps using the paper towel tube method. I'll try that and/or your suggestions on these tweeters if I buy them. Note I've taken advice from somewhere, maybe here: DO NOT use the sucking on paper towel tube method in view of other people or near a window.
  3. I have a pair of 4x, these are much larger. Thanks
  4. I went to look at what were supposed to be AR3's but obviously not. The woofer cone is 7.5" across. Basket 10". Cabinets 13.75" W, 23.75" H, 11.75" D. Tweeter is 1.75". No treble pot, just a switch. I've re-foamed before, is this pair worth bothering with? Spiders seem ok, haven't checked them electrically. I've wanted AR3A's since they came out, so was salivating when I heard about these, but oh well. Pix attached. Thanks
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  7. Hello, I have a pair of KLH 20's with as far as I know original parts. Also have a friend that picked up a pair of 17's. I had posted here last week, got account deleted due to spam problems I believe, was re-instated, then just had to create an account again. (Same username). Anyway, This time I'll copy what I submit. I have in hand some AR sealing glop from the AR guy here, but am curious about before and after tests to run, I just ran a sweep with the calibrated mic about an inch from the woofer on one unit. I also am getting a buzz on some pure tones that look unrelated to voicecoil rubbing and the like. I think it is the dry cloth radiating its own harmonics from tyhe cone edge, hence the before/after to confirm. I see a broad peak at 75-80hz with a linear roll-off to 20hz, start of graph. the slope is very linear about 45 degrees exactly. The cone has no spring=back delays, so obviously cloth is porous. I would like to remove it, check free-air resonance, maybe tone bursts on a scope, etc. I am using REW with a calibrated Dayton emm-6 through an ART USB Dual Pre to (cough) Windows 7 laptop. (I prefer Linux, but too lazy at the moment to bring in my other machine). I anyone has ideas or suggestions on the before tests before it is too late, please jump in. I also am going to do the whole system and room of course. I will be replacing the (at present functioning) capacitors of course, and I repaired the tweeter coil wires last week, and they sound ok. The bass is pleasing even in their present state so much that I disabled my room subwoofer on the home theater display room. I'll post updates, but I am going to switch to playing with my ADS L-710 units for the moment.
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