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Today I came across a pair of ESS CLASSIC CS3 Speakers that are in pretty good shape. The cabinets are little rough. I only paid $20 for them, so I thought it was worth the risk.

I can't find any information on these speakers and am curious if anyone has an opinion on these speakers.

Thank you for your help,





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Welcome to the CSP!

Hey, for 20 bucks you can't go wrong! They sure look nice. Is that solid wood trim on the fronts? Looks like rubber surrounds on the woofers, so no hassles there. Do they have passive radiators in back?

I remember ESS speakers but know little about them. The Heil Air Motion Transformer (AMT) was their claim to fame.

In fact, ESS is still around (or back) and making speaker systems: http://essspeakersusa.com/index.html

Parts Express sell replacement parts: http://www.parts-express.com/brand/ess-labs-inc/452 Not exactly New England speakers but we don't discriminate (much) here ;)

Also try AudioKarma--there have been a few posts there regarding ESS.

Enjoy those speakers and let us know what you think.


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Hey Derrick

Apparently not.

Many ESS speakers apparently had passive radiators. A PR is a second woofer, but with no voice coil or electrical connection--just a big cone that moves in & out, making it seem like the real woofer is bigger and therefore allowing the speaker to go deeper.

Your speakers are ported--that hole in front--another method for enhancing bass.

Seems like a real good find. You can probably just clean them up and enjoy them.

I wonder whether the company might send you some info on your speakers if you contact them.


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I’m new to this site.  Found this string searching for ESS.  I am a big fan of these Sacramento made speakers having purchased a pair of ESS amt4 while in the Air Force in Germany in 1976.  The truly good models are the ones with the “great Heil” air motion transformer.  Here is a photo of my amt1b with that Heil and AR-10pi next to it for size comparison.

ESS is still in business in the Los Angeles area, but really expensive.

”Sound as clear as light”



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I have two sets of ESS, amt1a and amt1b that I’ve been using for some time.  So far have not heard any speakers I like better.  The AR 10pi and LST-2 are new to me within the last week.  I have not had a chance to refurbish and do an evaluation/comparison with these yet.  You saw my other posts.

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