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AR-4 Model Number and Year made?


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I have a pair of AR-4's that I'm going to list on eBay. My troubles are, I don't know the exact model number, I don't know when they were made. The Serial Numbers are...

F-16735 and F16954. The manufacturer sticker on the back (where the serial numbers are) lists them as AR-4. I attached a photo of one of the speakers, maybe I missed something.


They're awesome and I've never heard a better bookshelf speaker. I hate to sell them but I need the money.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The AR-4 was introduced in 1964 and continued until October 1965 with the introduction of the improved AR-4x. Both speakers were exceptional performers and received rave reviews/ratings and became big sellers -- particularly the AR-4x. The AR-4x, in particular, helped AR achieve the large (32+%) market-share numbers of 1966.

The AR-4 used a special CTS 3-1/2-inch midrange cone driver, and this driver was simulaneously adopted for the midrange of the newest version of the AR-2a, which then became known as the AR-2ax. The AR-4x used an AR-designed-and-built 2-1/2-inch tweeter with improved performance (it even had silicone grease in the voice-coil gap for improved damping and power-handling capabilitiy), allowing an even lower 1kHz crossover for this speaker. AR-4s are much less common than the ubiquitous AR-4x -- one of the best-selling small speakers in history.

--Tom Tyson

The attached images show a transition AR-4/AR-4x model. The tweeter is the 3-1/2-inch version without fiberglass covering the entire surface.



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You're probably correct; I've never known for sure. The AR-4 was 1500 Hz, I believe, and the press releases showed the AR-4x as 1 kHz, but I think it was a typo. I'm not sure that I have any company documents showing the xover frequency of the 4x, but Julian Hirsh mentions 1200 Hz in his stellar review of the 4x.



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All the AR lit from that 4x's time period specs the x-o as 1200 Hz. That's a given.

I can't seem to put my hands on my 1964 AR full-line lit (3, first-gen 2ax, 4, 2-2x/2a-2ax conversion kits, etc), but I'm willing to guess with a reasonable degree of certainty that the 4's x-o was 2000 Hz, given that other AR speakers of the time that crossed over to that same 3 1/2" driver (the first-gen 2x and 2ax) had 2000 Hz x-o's.

When I find the lit, I'll update/confirm this post.

Steve F.

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