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AR 9 speakers


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I am new to this forum.

The speakers I have had over the years include the AR 3, Klipch Cornwall, Acoustat model 3, Polk, and the large Velodyne ULD series. Over the years, I have played the violin and viola in various symphonic and chamber music concerts.

The AR 3s were a great speaker, and had many inovations for their time. As time went on Teledyne's last great product was the AR 9. I wished I had purchased them 32 years ago.

(That kind of gives away my age?!)

The line up in the AR verticals was by far their best product in my my opinion.

The 9s have the ability to reproduce everything a large symphony can dish out, and yet the smallest detail in chamber music can be heard with great clarity as well.

I believe AR speakers were made for acoustic music. The smallest speaker AR made was the AR 8 B

(about the size of a shoe box), yet the sound is anything but! I use these small speakers in by bedroom and the sound is very convincing.

Bottom line is for acoustic music the old AR s can't be beat, or even equaled. (Yes, I may be getting older, but my ears are young)

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Welcome to CSP Richard!

I remember decades ago, when I used to read "audiophile" mags, it was generally thought that professional musicians tended not to be audiophiles. There were a number of theories of why, my own being that musicians could "fill in the blanks" when listening to reproduced music. Or maybe it's just that musicians were too smart to plunk down a year's pay for a Goldmund turntable :lol:

In any case, it will be good to hear your perspective on such matters. Of course, most of us here agree with you on the AR3 and AR9.


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to me when it comes to strings the vintage ar 2-3-4 cant be beat even today. I had large advent for years but now have gone back to a ar3a's and love the string sound. I have two ar 4x connected to my fully restored klh radio and use it all the time for public radio.

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