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  1. If I get 4xa tweeters and just mtg them in place of the x version tweeter how will they sound and will the midrange get soother on violins.
  2. for sale ar 3 and 3a woofer late version with the extra rubber damper in the center of the cone like the alnico version but with ceramic magnet. The cloth surround was all compressed and had dents in it so it was foamed with 5/8s foam by vintage ar and had a tag on it saying free air resonance was 18 hz. Works perfect and looks new. Will sell for 100.00 plus postage to your zip. Vintage ar said it performed exactly like the alnico version. email annie175@live.com if interested.
  3. Has anyone ever compared the sound of an ar 4x to a dynaco a25. I;m thinking of changing to a dynaco but would like to hear some comments on the comparison.
  4. what is a proper and non damaging way to remove the grills on ar 2ax speakers and thanks for any answers
  5. I see a pair of these for sale in the twin cities and never heard of them. They are big and claimed to be 140 lbs in weight Any info on them?
  6. I have an excellent of ar 3 woofer ( with extra rubber damper on inner part of cone) with pro foamed with 5/8 half roll for sale. These are in like new condition and will be shipped in original ar box. 100.00 plus 10.00 shipping. email annie175@live.com
  7. my original 4x 8 inch woofers had 1/2 inch rool cloth surround but find on most photos of the 4 series the ones with foam surrounds have 5/8 surrounds. which is correct?
  8. is installing a 3a dome tweeter in place of the one in the 2 ax an legitimate upgrade. I see 2ax speakers on ebay with this and am questioning if it will work with the correct sound balance
  9. is installing a 3a dome tweeter in place of the one in the 2 ax an legitimate upgrade. I see 2ax speakers on ebay with this and am questioning if it will work with the correct sound balance
  10. Ar 3a woofer with the older cone with the hard rubber inner cone and newly applied 5/8 roll foam surround by orange county speakers. work perfect. 100.00 email annie175@live.com if interested.
  11. It would have been interesting to see the output of the mike doing the recordings output. Was everything perfect from the mikes of the day? From doing recording sessions with my bands at sound 80 in the 80s in Minneapolis mn the, then engineer admitted that the neuman mikes they were using had a slightly harsh sound in the mid range but were the best in their opinion available at the time. So in listening to sound how accurate is the source of the sound. I have never heard a recording of a speaker that can reproduce the smooth sound of the strings of a live orchestra concert. In my opinion the ar 3a does the best of any ever made. The modern dome tweeters tend to do injustice to strings as harsh but sound great on brass. I still am teaching music and hear live every day and if you are not listing to your system at live sound levels you will not get a good idea of what it is supposed to sound like.
  12. If an amp is a good one shouldn't It have a neutral sound and not a sound of its own. Yes various tone controls can make a difference in sound. Marantz for example has a bass control centered at 50 hz but the loudness control is centered at 100 hz. Both together give very heavy bass, the 50 hz bass control gives great sound to the 3a, but the loudness gives a boomy bass that is not the normal sound for ar. The midrange control can change the speakers sound the most. When testing an amp play violins or piano that you can not need to use any tone controls and they should sound the same and if not stay away from it.
  13. please email me if you have a pair of these for sale. bad foam ok. annie175@live.com
  14. does anyone have a pair of these for sale, email me if so annie175@live.com
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