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Scarred Cabinet


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Troppo Here;

Very dissapointed, When I bought my 3-a's there was a dark stain on top of one of the cabinets. A candle burn, some kind of weird water stain, who knows!! Now, today, I scrape the crap and crud and layer of verathane off of the walnut veneer and find out that the dark stain is really a covered and colored sand through, about the diameter of a golf ball ?!! Right down to the particle board. I can see the scars left by whoever's sanding disc. What now!

These were going to be my main room speakers.

Should I just part 'em out and keep looking? I could use some ideas if anyone has the time.

Thanks; Troppo

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try using a wood bleach product like oxalic acid:


it worked for my AR 2ax cabinets that had black blistered heat rings (heating with a clothes iron over fabric fixed the blistering) that resulted from the use of votive candles on the tops of my cabinets by the previous owner.

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