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Advent OLA.


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Hello all,

I'm new baby here. I have 2 pair of OLA speakers and i have a couple questions I would like to ask:

1. The switches on my first pair that sound does not change any thing when I move them.

2. Both of the tweeters on my 2nd pair only work when I have the switches on extended mode. When I change to another mode there is no sound from both tweeters!


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Hi Oldmeo and welcome

In addition to Carl's advice, if you never re-foamed the woofers they DO need it. Even if they "look" OK you will find the original foam surrounds getting old and crumbly.

There is a long and meandering thread here:


Might be worth looking at. One of Carl's expert restorations is there and there are several posts with photos of my OLA restoration.

IF you love the speakers you may want to consider a total crossover rebuild. Pete calls it a "Super Advent" with better quality inductors (and caps, resistors and switches). And you may want to add some cabinet bracing. It's all covered in that thread.

Sound overwhelming? It's not. You can get a lot of help here. But one thing you may want to try first: Lay the speakers face down and squirt a little Deoxit on the switches. Work the switches back & forth several (many) times to really work the deoxit in there. It "may" be that you just have some corrosion in there.

But in any case, do check those surrounds. If you don't want to refoam them yourself, I would recommend services such as Millersound in PA, MSound in WV or our own Carl in CT.


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1. It may just seem there is no change when you try the different switch positions because the changes are subtle (only about a dB change from one position to another). You need to listen to high frequencies only to hear the changes easily. And put your ear right up next to the tweeter.

2. If the speakers work only in certain switch positions, it will be the components associated with specific switch positions which will be the cause. The switches themselves are unlikely to be the cause.

I have misplaced my diagram to give you specific components which would cause your symptoms but look for which ones are in series with the tweeters in different switch positions to determine which ones to suspect. Usually resistors which have opened. Doug

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Thank you all for quick responding. I'm lucky b/c the woofers on both pair were refoam already when I got them.

I stack them up and enjoy them a lot. I can't believe it sounds so good from pretty old speakers.

Any way I will go easy way first to try apply Deoxit (order coming) on the switch to see it will fix that problem and if not I will read more to see what need to be done b/c I love vintage gears :). Will update.

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It has been for a while since I have posted. Any way Deoxit that did not work so I took both of woofers out from a pair that only work in extended mode and I saw both of resistor broken from one side so I replaced with 3.3 Ohm that I had in hand. I also refilled them with poly-fill that I bought from Wal-mart. So they work normal now and I like them.

Some day i will recap them. Thank you all for your help.

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