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Snell Type 1 Crossover Schematic


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I've taken my Snell Type 1's apart due to the fuse holder in one breaking. Great reason to rebuild the crossovers! I'll put the crossovers in remote boxes so they will not be in the speaker cabinet. From initial pictures, I knew they were a bit complex, but I had no idea until I took the loudspeaker apart. My Type 1's have bi-wired terminals.

I have traced out the crossovers (please note these are Type 1 even though I wrote Type A on the scans!!!).

On the woofer, I haven't figured out the switch wired from the inductors. It is labeled "Midrange Level" and has 3 positions with the center being "normal" and up being "increase 1" and down being "increase 2."

There sure a lot of capacitors. I priced out Hovland Music Caps as replacements at over $500 for the pair!

Let me know what you guys think about the crossovers.





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