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  1. I wonder if it would be possible to send photos of the drivers and the back connections on those Allison Threes. That would tell us a lot about what's in them. Also, if you could provide a ZIP, I'd want to check with a nearby UPS Store to see what it would cost to package and ship them. I know some shops will even fetch them. The original Threes show up on rare occasion, but they're typically 40-odd years old and not in great shape. Yours are from the '90s and look to be in nice shape. Thanks.
  2. Please don't toss them. If no one's claimed them, I'm in DC and could get some value from them. I have a set of CD-7's that are no longer original, and may embark on an Allison Four restoration. If I do them all I should end up with two good sets.
  3. The F-1 appears to be a nice update to the original CD-7. Very hard to find, like most in that RDL line. The company didn't last long, and I assume didn't sell too many units. Like the CD-7, the F-1 was meant to be positioned against the wall, while the more conventional FS-1 was meant to be positioned into the room. I tested a set of F-1's back then, but they didn't work in my bedroom space, and I sent them back.
  4. I don't know much about the IC-10, but the rest look like the later Kentucky versions of the original Allison series. I used to own an an Allison One, but sold it a few years ago, replacing it with a set of Revel M22 stand-mounts. As I recall, the later Allisons updated the One, Three and Four series, maybe others. Very desirable - and count me among those desiring one of those Threes. The Three has drivers on just one face, arranged like those shown in the last photo. The One has *two* such faces and would be positioned well in from the corners. I'm wondering if the mystery models might be One's. I'm curious why one set of Threes would lack the crossovers, without which one has just a bunch of drivers in a box - albeit a nice box here.
  5. I've been an Allison guy for roughly 40 years. Owned a set of Two's for just a few weeks before they were stolen in shipment. Replaced them with a used set of One's - nice, but too big for my space. I subsequently bought CD-7's and CD-6's. One of the CD-6 speakers, bought via eBay, had what seemed like a faulty tweeter, but wired directly it was good. So it was the crossover. I recapped with an Erse capacitor and the repaired unit was, if anything, better than the other. So after a time I recapped that one as well. After all this time I'm starting to move away from Allison, but not completely. Sold the One's a few years ago, replacing them with Revel M22 stand-mounts. Sweet! The CD-6 I'm keeping as part of my HT setup. (Big room benefits from those wall reflections.) But the CD-7 may be repurposed. I'm picking up a set of Ohm Walsh 2XO semi-omni's in a few weeks - bases will need to be refinished, but the speaker "cans" are good. Don't care for the pyramidal base though, so the cans will go - at least for testing - atop the CD-7 cabinet. If I like the end result, I'll sell the Allison woofers and top grills, and maybe a few more parts as well (SB Acoustics tweeter and front grills, custom crossovers). But I clearly still like the neutral bias of New England speakers. I also own a set of Snell QBX 15's and - as of just yesterday - a set of Snell K7's (unfortunately, color-mismatched - see Snell posting).
  6. I actually *do* hang one of my CD-6 speakers, and not into studs. (The second sits on a convector.) I use a pair of Z-Clips on the walls and speakers, secured into the wall using anchors. Note that the clips add 1/4" to 3/8" of depth, so it should be balanced out by rubber bumpers.
  7. I recently acquired a color-mismatched set of Snell K7 standmounts - one in Cherry, one in Black. I couldn't get an explanation from the seller for the mismatch (the serial numbers were matched A and B). Nonetheless, they were in overall good condition for the price paid. Initial testing was very positive, and I may for now match them with a set of Snell QBX 15s. I would however like to redo the finish on the Black unit, as I much prefer wood-tones. I'm thinking to strip the black paint (don't know what's underneath), and staining it in a tone approaching Cherry. I suppose I could search out a wood finisher and see about getting a new veneer put over it, but with the port and speaker terminals in back the work could be tricky, not to mention cost as much as I spent on the speakers. So any suggestions would be appreciated. Also of interest is cleaning up the grills, which have unusual discolorations. This was unexpected as aluminum tends not to tarnish. I tried Brasso, Maguir's rubbing compound, and Brillo. Nothing seems to help. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. I feel funny leaving such a post, as I already have a modified set that's drawn only modest interest. But I have a special project in mind that can utilize a box of just such a size with a woofer opening on top. Better condition and working components obviously enhances its value, but reasonable proximity to DC is essential. I found such a set listed in the NYC area, but it's a six-hour drive away, so that won't work. I'd just rather not tear my working set apart just for a project, but parting out my Allisons - woofers, top/front grills, SB Acoustic tweeters - is an ultimate option.
  9. Itch, you might want to check with the KAB site, kabusa.com. They offer a lot of custom parts for the SL 1200 series.
  10. I finally have a lead on a set of Allison Three speakers - the original version, not unfortunately the much later Kentucky upgrade. Aside from needing the woofers repaired, I'd be interested in upgrading the terminal pins , which only handle thin wires, and possibly upgrading the caps. While I'm normally an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" kinda' guy, an experience with my CD-6 set suggested a simple upgrade could be worthwhile. (One had a bad cap, I upgraded with a modestly priced Erse, and all was well. I ended up doing the same upgrade on the second speaker.) But how does one get to the Allison Three's crossover? There's no obvious way to get to it from the outside, as I could on the CD-6. My understanding is it's on a board that's stuck against the back panel, but how does one get to it? I'd hesitate to remove the midrange and tweeter, given those fine wires they're attached to, which leaves the woofer way at the bottom, which is well out of reach of the back panel. So how is it done? Thanks in advance for any insights.
  11. Looking for a nice pair of Outlaw LCR speakers (actually manufactured by Snell) or Snell LCR7s, preferably in the Cherry finish. I had to pass on the last set of Snells I saw listed, because it involved FIVE shipped from the west coast, which would have been rather pricey. A pair of those Outlaws recently appeared, but they were more than I was willing to pay for black. Neither of these speakers show up very frequently. I sometimes wonder if they didn't sell very well, or if they're so good people simply don't part with them. This buyer is in Washington, DC.
  12. I have a set of CD-7s in walnut here in Washington, DC that have yet to find a buyer, maybe because they're modified from the original. A speaker designer checking out one with a faulty tweeter convinced me to install more "modern" tweeters in the two - SB Acoustics - and he designed a far more complex crossover for them. I've been using them as surrounds, which is a waste I think, and the CD-6s - all original except I replaced the caps - serve as fronts simply because of the room layout. (The CD-6 will fit atop a convector module; the CD-7 obviously won't.) If you're near enough I might grab them just to get those nice oak cabinets (matching my CD-6) and have a few parts as spares. (My grills and drivers are all intact.)
  13. Need a nice set of stand-mounts for a secondary system. The Revel M20 and Snell LCR7 are first choices. Looking only for the wood finishes - cherry, sycamore, etc. Thanks.
  14. Offered for sale in Washington, DC are the well-regarded Allison CD-7 Minitowers. In the middle of the CD line, the 7 is a floor-stander (27-1/2”H x 9-5/8”W x 9-5/8”D), so no stands are required. Allisons are designed to provide a large sound-field, so there’s no limited “sweet spot”. These however have been modified and upgraded from the originals. Some time back I noticed in problem in one speaker which was traced to its tweeter, which was working but had wildly uneven frequency response. Since it’s hard to know what the true quality of a “working” Allison tweeter found, say, on eBay, is, I worked with a local speaker designer to remake my CD-7s with new tweeters and a modern crossover. The original tweeters were replaced with SB Acoustics SB29RDC tweeters. And in place of the original, simple (coil and two capacitors) crossover, a much more sophisticated crossover was designed . The parts to the crossover alone cost over $50. The woofers are Allison originals, and the surrounds are intact, if slightly tacky. The oiled walnut cabinets are also in good condition with a tiny veneer chip on one top front corner. The grills are originals, with small holes in the two fronts; the tops are better with minor flaws only along the edges. Very presentable. Anyway, I’ve been selling some of my excess equipment, and have already sold three speaker pairs plus a center channel plus assorted electronics as I remake my A/V systems. This one is just next on the list. Asking $275 for the Allisons - about what standard Allisons go for without such modifications.. Will consider offers, but if I don’t get a fair price I’ll just give them to a sibling. Finding a shipping box this large won't be easy, so I'd prefer a local sale.
  15. Pretty well. The tweeters were replaced with SB Acoustics SB29RDC, which required some cutting to expand the tweeter opening. Attached is a shot of the new crossover, which I mounted on the inner panel behind the tweeter. There seems to be a bit more dynamics in the treble range, a tad less dispersion perhaps. But I can't confirm until I do proper testing until I've corrected some of the acoustics in my listening room. Not really using it much, as I've moved to Revel M22 and Totem Sttaf as fronts in my two listening rooms. I hate to use them as just surrounds, so if someone in the Washington/Baltimore area is interested in some nice Allison hybrids, they're available for sale. (Still have one of the original Allison tweeters, which is in good shape and tests well - unlike many samples offered on eBay.)
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