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Any Seventeen "gotchas?"

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Sunday afternoon I'm driving home from the grocery store in the wife's Outback. I glance over and from 100 feet away I spy a pair of what I immediately recognized as a pair of Seventeens at the curb. I pull over (natch) and carefully lie them on their backs in the Subaru's commodious utility section. Ok then, what would you call it?

Upon reaching home I do a closer inspection and realize that these are a fairly early pair - silver connection plate, cast logo, stamped serial numbers in the 87/8800 range. I put them in the dining room, hoping stupidly that the wife would not notice. She did. Nonetheless, today I got around to checking them out more closely.

I disconnected the big KEFs and put the 17s in their place. I was greeted by the wonderful bass that transported back to the 60s and 70s when my first speakers were various ARs, KLHs, Advents and yes, even a couple of pairs of the pride of Framingham. In the early 70s I also had my dalliances with Ohms (Fs of course - got any GBB4s?.) Not to mention a period of various JBLs, Infinitys, and then speakers from the UK, where I'm still kinda stuck to this day.

But I digress. So the bottom of the 17s seem to be just fine. The surrounds look like they still do their job. Gentle inward pressure when released pops the woofer right back. Audibly they also seem to have no issues. However the tweeters are dead, or more precisely not working. I removed them and hooked them up with small cap and sure enough both work fine.

Wire nuts - how quaint...

So in reading various posts I am assuming that the crossover needs re-capping (2-2mFd, and 2- 4mFd in parallel - correct?) that oughta do it. I figure I'll do the Daytons from Parts Express - good, cheap and probably as good as anything Henry had in 1965. I also figure while I'm in there some Deoxit in the switch would be wise.

So my question is - are there any other "gotchas" I should be aware of in my quest to restore these to working???



Yes, I did work for Tech - back in the day.

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