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Yippee! Classic BA forum!


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Acquired my first BA's a few months ago (A-150's) at a garage sale for $2 (yes, $2). I refoamed them with expectations of servicable spare speakers, but they ended up pushing my Mission 763i's into the "home theatre" room.

Then I scored some A-200's, and they pushed the 150's into a spare bdrm.

Now I've got two pair of A-200's (a spare set just in case), one pair of A-150's AND a mixed pair of A-40's (an A40 and a A40 AV).

All in all, I'm enjoying them quite a bit.

BA apparently made some recommendations regarding speaker placement in the early days. Anyone have a copy of that?


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>Not to hijack your post but who's foam did you use and how

>were the results? I'm picking up a pair that need foam.


Not to hijack YOUR post, but I was very happy with MSound (for my AR speakers). Good product and email support. Here are his how-to pages


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