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    EPI 100 crossover

    >At the risk of being accused of spamming....I build >crossovers for EPI 100s and other models that are very well >reviewed. You can check my site at www.tributeaudio.com >Bill I'll vouch for Bill's XOs, and say that Carl does good work, too. But the EPI 100 ONLY used a 10uF cap. The Daytons from PE, or Solens, will work quite well. Bill's new XO gives you new caps, greatly improved wiring, and MUCH better binding posts (but no pot for the tweeter).
  2. John, Any factory stuffing data for the 2ax's? Thanks! PM
  3. It's the pattern that intrigues me... the darkening only occurs over the cut-outs, indicating the cause of the fabric darkening comes from BEHIND the grill covers, not in front of it (sunlight, smoke, fried foods).
  4. Just a thought... Having just recently jumped back into vintage AR (after a 30+ year absence), I've noticed a couple of thing: some AR speakers have pots shot to hell, others simply need a cleaning; AND some grills look fine, while others are badly stained (darkened) over the cut-outs. In my LIMITED experience there is a correlating factor: rock wool. The ARs with fiberglass stuffing have pots in better condition (as has been discussed), and the grills don't have as much (or any) darkening of the cloth over the grill cutouts. Isolated, or is the sulfur leeching out of the rock wool also darkening the cloth?
  5. When they are are uploaded, I'll create a pdf file of the brochure for anyone interested.
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