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Allison Four - Are the woofers OK?

Guest abobotek

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Guest abobotek

I just bought a pair of original (1970s or early 1980s) Allison Four speakers (SNs D15230 D15231). The unusual thing about them is that

they're still in factory-sealed boxes, represented as having come

from the estate of a wealthy collector. Already owing a pair of Fours,

a pair of CD-9s, a pair of CD-6s, and a few AL-110s used as surround speakers, I'm thinking about selling these unopened Fours,

giving someone the rare thrill of opening a "new" set of Allisons.

Two questions come to mind.

1. Are the woofer surrounds serviceable? My guess is that they aren't,

assuming that exposure to air (even in the darkness of a box) is enough

to do the foam in. Is it motion, air, heat, and/or light that attack the foam?

2. Are the foam surrounds likely in good enough condition to allow

safe shipment of the speakers? It would be a shame to wreck the voice coils just to give someone the pleasure of ripping open the original

tape and seal.


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Hi, What a great find. I found a pair of AR2x's(c.1974). They were never sold to a retail customer. One box was sealed and the other opened, and both surrounds still had to be replaced. The surrounds were intact but extremely soft and formed cracks on the first play of music with significant bass. They will probably have to be replaced, however the coating on the Allison's surrounds may protect them a little more than an uncoated surround. E-mail me if you want to sell and aren't looking for the big kill. I have Allison Ones that I love and have considered doing a home theater with the Ones as mains and three Allison fours as center and surrounds.


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For what it's worth--I saw those on ebay and shied away from them. Didn't want to spend good money on a "pig in a poke." Of particular concern was the fact that one carton showed water stains.

On the other hand, apparently there are people (such as you)who like the mystery box. To each his own. But if I remember correctly, those sold for about $250, while nice fours (with plenty of pictures) were selling for well over $400.

My advice--open them up, hope they are not water damaged, then either fix them up and enjoy your bargain, or sell them with all the problems (if any) revealed.

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