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Dynaco A25 help please


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I recently acquired some speakers with very nice walnut cabinets but crappy drivers. My plan is to build some Dynaco A25 clones using the GRS replacement drivers from Parts Express.

Here's my question: What are the dimensions of the slotted aperiodic port? My clones will resemble the A25s pictured in this thread with the slot on top but I assume the dimensions were the same, top or bottom.

I’m primarily interested in the DEPTH of the port  



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Thanks. Very helpful. I actually made my ports already and was very surprised to see how shallow they are in the drawung. Looks like just 3/4" or the thickness of the front baffle. I had originally planned to use a 4" round port but then made a rectangular one of wood but it's 2" deep. Thought that would be useful for experimenting with the amount of stuffing in the slot but the picture at the top of the linked page shows a rather thin piece of fg. Back to the drawing board?

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