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Ar3a woofer voice coil


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I appreciate the willingness to take on such a task of aligning and putting back together again a whole assembly of a voice-coil and woofer cone but, there are other ways.

These speakers are very old, mine more than a half-century so, a number of years ago decided to buy spares, just in case.

So, why not consider buying used and in some cases some are ready for a simple drop-in?

I would strongly suggest communicating closely with the seller regarding condition, packing and shipping and in the event of shipping damage , the process of refund. These are heavy and can pose problems packing properly.

As I mentioned, these are getting older and more rare by the day and having spares is not a bad idea. You could install the newly purchased ones providing they’re ready to go and then take your time repairing what you have and either reinstall or retain as spares.

Ultimately, it's your decision so, in any event, good luck.









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