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Celebrity sighting - AR-18LS used as monitors in Paul McCartney's studio in 1994


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Hi all!

I just finished watching a short documentary on Beatles Youtube channel about the recording of their latest single Now and Then.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw AR-18LS in the role of studio monitors in the archival footage from 1994! 😃








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This was filmed in Paul's own "home" studio in Sussex: https://www.sussexlive.co.uk/news/sussex-news/inside-sir-paul-mccartneys-east-7748679




For many, one of the most interesting parts of the Anthology story is the way the first all‑new Beatles tracks since 1970 have been put together for the project. The idea developed from an earlier suggestion that the surviving Beatles should record some incidental music to accompany the Anthology television documentary. Ringo Starr continues the tale: "Eventually, Yoko came up with a handful of tapes that John had made just before he died, and the suggestion was made that the three of us add our own bits to them and finish them off."

Suddenly, in early 1994, rumours of a bona‑fide Beatles reunion were fast becoming reality with Paul McCartney's private studio reserved as the venue (see separate box on the McCartney studio) and Geoff Emerick booked for the engineering duties.


The same pair of AR-18LS speakers can also be seen in some other videos from the era, like this one, albeit only briefly from the back:


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