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Model one promised land.

scottie munoz

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Interesting factoid: Henry Kloss and Arthur Janszen collaborated on afew projects: The combo Scotty was lucky enough to snag, the design of the KLH Model Eight radio, and the famous (and expensive) KLH Model Nine electrostatic speakers. 

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I should have the chance to give these sleeping giants a little juice and see what we're working with before looking at the level of refurbishment necessary.  There is a dcr reading on each set ( not including the electrostatics, which, frankly scare me.)  ESS scares me like an alien would.  I'll be looking for any assistance offered.

That these were single owner and that owner happened to be an electrical engineer, as was related to me by his son.  (the owner recently passed), had given me an opportunity that I am very grateful for.  I do hope to do these  justice. 

The specifics I just mentioned on this very low serial # set, to say the least, speaks to the potential museum worthy nature of this set.  I this say humbly with gratitude


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