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KLH Model 12 Midrange

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Unlike your search for knobs you're in luck here. Those were called the "Twelve point five" drivers and KLH used them in a LOT of applications. They were only used as mids in the Five and Twelve speakers but they were used full-range in the Eight, Thirteen and Twenty-One radios. They were also used full-range in the compact systems such as the Eleven and Eleven-W and in some compact speakers such as the Fourteen A and B, Fifteen, Nineteen and others. Any 4" KLH driver from that era that looks right is probably right.


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JKent thank you for your response. The 12’s were a recent pick up. All the knobs on the contour boxes were there LOL. Things were going great. I recapped the crossovers following several of your threads that I found on the 12’s. Got them up and running and was really surprised on how good the 12’s sound. Then on Saturday one of the midranges dropped. I’m local to Boston and if anyone out there has a mid available let me know. 





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I've got a few extra sets of those terrific "12.5" 4" drivers. (Thanks to Kent for that info).

You want a matched set and your existing as a spare... Or a single.

I don't need to get rich, make me a offer for either the one or two and I'll ship out.

Dm me if more comfortable.  I've fo r business with a lot of members, so references available.




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