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Where to get the white foam for gaskets for OLA tweeters?

Mr. Weather

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The OLA tweeters use a white foam sheet material for gaskets between the tweeters and cabinet.  This doesn't seem too exotic but a quick search doesn't turn up much.  Where can I find this material or these gaskets pre-cut?   Amazon sells all kinds of workable materials, but presuambly someone sells some pre-cut from a material that's known to be exactly what was originally used.   I am not worried about the sealing or acoustic qualities here. I'd just like to have an original or original-looking part.

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The foam does actually seal the tweeter to the board to keep the cabinet air tight. Is there a Hobby Lobby or similar store near you? I bet they would have something like that foam. It is different from the typical foam used for cushions and the like, as you found. Any kind of 1/8", or so, foam or other flexible material would work, although I understand wanting to keep the appearance original.

I know I have seen that foam elsewhere but who knows where it was.

On the very early Advents, they used Mortite to seal the tweeters, just like the woofers. but it wasn't long before they switched to the foam.


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I have found that there is a similar material thats used for packing.  I have received items wrapped in foam sheets anywhere from 1/16” to a 1/4” thickness.  I save these because I have 2 sets of Advents one previously redone and one in the works 

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Thanks for the replies.

I found some foam packing sheets that are often used between ceramic plates or dishes.  Thank my wife for pointing out that we had some.  Here are some photos of an original gasket compared to these foam sheets.   The original is more dense in feel and look, but both are the same thickness of about 1/8".  Presumably there is someone out there who could write in depth about the differences of these chemically and physically.

So these aren't the same but probably a good easy to find solution.  I think these would work just fine to seal the cabinet.

OLA tweeter foam gaskets (1) (Small).jpg

OLA tweeter foam gaskets (2) (Small).jpg

OLA tweeter foam gaskets (3) (Small).jpg

OLA tweeter foam gaskets (4) (Small).jpg

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I remember using some foam laminate flooring underlayment to seal the back plate on some KLH Model 6 speakers. I am very familiar with the OLA  gasket material and the flooring vaper barrier foam underlayment seems a lot like it.



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