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Klh model 5 tweeter repair


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so i finally got lucky and found a pair of klh model 5s for 100 bucks! Unfortunately both tweeters were “dead” and one midrange looks like it bottomed out or burned out as it doesnt even move when i push on the woofer. I bought this knowing these things but i thought hey the auction site has some midranges and tweeters here and there ill bide my time. Bought a midrange still waiting for it to arrive, bought what i thought were model 5 tweeters turns our they were mislabeled as klh 5 when they are prob model 6(all black with plates of equal thickness around the magnet. So after getting my hopes crushed as i should have known from the black painted faces it wasnt a model 5 it is just recently i learned this as i was researching re capping projects.
Long story short i decided to pull apart and mess with the model 5 tweeters i do have finding out that they can sometimes be repaired thus i opened off the grills and found both tweeters to have a broken wire unfortunately one seems like maybe 2 break one above and one below the cone as it didnt test out(battery test) but the other did sadly the wire broke right where the glue next to the dome is barely enough wire to test it but i heard it crackle so i think it works but i dont have that level of skill i think to fix the wire(spent like 2 days already trying) so anyone know how i could possibly fix this?
 if anyone is near jersey city/nyc with the skills to repair this please let me know as well if i cant fix it im open to seeing if someone else can.


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Welcome to CSP

Have you returned those black tweets? I was just discussing this matter with another CSP member last week and we're thinking if it fits it's probably fine. Really not much difference among those classic KLH tweets. If you still have those I'd say try them.


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