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HELP! Phoenix speaker plug/jack?

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A friend gave me what seems to be a very beefy little amp to try out: An AudioControl Architect 110.   https://www.audiocontrol.com/home-audio/multi-zone-amplifiers/architect-series/architect-model-110/      Very solid, weighs almost 16 pounds. High current. Good for 2 Ohm loads. The thing is, it's meant for home installations--the kind a pro does. So the speaker jacks are unfamiliar to me. I've attached a photo. So it looks like the left and right speakers are wired to one plug but I don't know what that plug is or where to buy it.

I see some that "look" right and most sellers call them a "Phoenix"


I also see similar looking ones on DigiKey, PartsExpress, ebay, etc.

Are these the right connectors?

The amp was available with 5-way binding posts as an option but this one doesn't have them. I "may" just add binding posts but would like to try the 4-pin plugs before breaking out the soldering iron.

Thanks for any help.


Archtect 110 spkr socket.jpg

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Yes, those are Phoenix connectors. I didn't know that those were used for audio applications, not a bad idea. I use them with 4 conductor, 16 gauge wire on industrial battery cycling equipment. The item you show has an electrical rating of 320V, 12A, more than adequate for home audio. I don't know who makes the 'Phoenix type' supplied to Walmart / Parts Express, so I can't speak to their build quality. You can buy the Phoenix brand from Allied Electronics, though they cost more than twice as much.

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Thanks Jeff! Went to my favorite electronics store (Wayne Electronics) and he had them!

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