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  1. You're speaker now looks like it's very close relative, the Epicure 10. It's a great look! Here's a picture from the Human Speakers website:
  2. That's a McIntosh MR78 FM tuner. The MC2100 is getting it's input from the pre-out of my NAD 3150 integrated amplifier, that I purchased new back in 1983.
  3. A couple of months ago I took my 3a's out of my 'vintage' system and put in my 58s's. I've always enjoyed the balance of the 3a's, but I certainly appreciate the additional high end of the 58s. Along with those, I have a pair of AR-5's being driven by my flea market McIntosh MC2100. A real survivor, removing the bottom cover revealed that the amp had been run hot for a long time. All of the out-of-tolerance components were replaced, and back into service it went. It's case looks like it rolled down a flight of stairs sometime in it's previous life, and I think I'll keep it like that. Anyway, the AR-5's have a great balance and I'll continue to use them until I start downsizing. In my more 'modern' system, I also use two pairs of speakers. My AR-303's have been there for ~20 years and if I had to choose just one pair, they would be it. On top of those I have a pair of Allison:Fours. I really like this speaker and find that when I switch to them, I tend to listen to them for a couple of months. For a small box, they have a big and well dispersed sound and are an excellent choice for someone that wants a 'vintage' 8-inch 2-way (if you can find them).
  4. Benjamin, Welcome to CSP, I set up a similar system a few years ago, containing an AR-1W and Janszen 65 (half of a 130). The panels worked OK, but the woofer needed resealing and I didn't want to remove the grill cloth to reseal it so I left it alone. That 1W had a woofer with a pleated surround, and they usually need a coat of Roy's sealant to get the bass response back to spec. You're AR-1W has the half-round surround and shouldn't need resealing. Up until last year, I had another 1W with a half round surround and it had noticeably stronger output than my pleated surround unit. I found your 1W on eBay and noticed that the seller had a tech run a frequency sweep from 30Hz - 1kHz with good results so you should be good to go. Serial #8266 was likely assembled in the summer or fall of 1957. One way to date an AR-1 is to look for the date stamp on the Altec 755a. Data from eBay that I've compiled shows that serial #'s 7713 and 7845 had date stamps of July 1957. Serial # 11661 was sold with it's original sales literature and warranty card with a date, written by the owner, of Sept 1958. Yours falls on the early side of that date range. Also, AR-1W with serial # 8239 had a woofer with the orange cloth surround which is consistent with yours. As for the power requirements, 40 to 60 watts should be plenty in a moderately sized room. My son has a system that uses a restored Harman Kardon Citation II tube amplifier (60W/ch) to drive an early pair of AR-3's (which likely have the same sensitivity as your AR-1W at the 4 ohm setting). Keep in mind that I'm comparing stereo to mono, with two 60W channels here, but to my ears, that system has plenty of power. Follow the instructions on the label regarding placement. I think you'll be impressed with the bass output of your AR-1W. Since your speaker is near 63 years old, remember to apply power cautiously at first to make sure the glue holding the surround and the spider to the frame is still intact. Then sit back and enjoy!
  5. genek, I think that the veneer on these cabinets was probably applied by the owner. If you look at the pictures for the other cabinet, you'll see that the finish tag says "unfinished pine".
  6. Congratulations on your find. This pair looks to be in great shape. I'm placing my vote for lacquered walnut as the finish. While I wouldn't rule out cherry, the picture of the short sides of the cabinets that you show in your original post certainly looks like walnut grain. I'm including a picture of an AR-2a I own in lacquered walnut, which looks very similar. I'm also including a picture of an AR-1W lacquered birch cabinet for comparison. I find that I prefer the look of the lacquered walnut cabinets, what AR termed "Standard Walnut". You may want to consider simply applying a couple of coats of Johnson's Paste Wax to bring the sheen back and protect the finish.
  7. Congratulations. You won the speaker lottery. It would be something if you had found a pair in the vinyl wrap. Not as satisfying aesthetically, but extremely rare nonetheless. But you found a pair in oak veneer. Incredible! Would it be possible to fashion a pair of jumpers from the mid/tweet posts that will friction fit to the woofer connection, using some sort of clamp?
  8. Steve, Thanks for taking the time to compile these AR advertisements, along with an index with links. Some of these were unfamiliar to me because they predate my involvement in this hobby. The Big Horn ad (p.91) is interesting in that it comes as late as 1970, when the company has been around for 16 years and the 3a is the flagship AR. The Auditorium Acoustics Simulator ad (p. 94) references a system using AR-1W's for low bass (along with 4x's) in 1970. In fact, I think that the AR-1W is the longest lived AR speaker with a 12" woofer, being manufactured from 1955 into the early 1970's. Two of my favorites are here: 'Factory Inspection of AR Speakers' (p. 12), and 'professional workhorses' (p. 33). The only ad in this collection that seems out of place with the others, but appropriate for the time and target market, is the "foot in your face" AR-14 (p. 128).
  9. Here's a link to the thread I started back in 2017, regarding a pair of last generation 3's that I found: I really do intend to finish these at some point, other stuff just keeps leapfrogging these on the priority list.
  10. While AR wasn't offering an 8" 3-way with domes, the 'relatives' over at Allison were, and in two flavors, floorstanding and bookshelf. I've always been intrigued by the Allison:Eight / CD-8. This picture from Audiokarma illustrates both versions (in the front row).
  11. teknofossil, I'm the someone that bought that speaker but it's not an AR-1, it's a 1W. All it needs is a 3T, but I'm not holding my breath.
  12. I've never seen a pair of AR-16's but I remember seeing the ads for them from when I started in this hobby. Well, I went searching and was able to find one fairly quickly. It's page 11 of the linked document (page 13 of the .pdf): https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-HiFI-Stereo/70s/HiFi-Stereo-Review-1976-02.pdf The ad states that the finish for these is oiled walnut (at least on the U.S. version), and that "the AR-16 is the best buy we have ever offered to the public"
  13. Giorgio, It looks like you have two of the four variants of the AR-2 series grille cloth, and I agree that the AR-2 and AS-2 cloths appear to have the white thread as shown in 'other finishes'. Did the sample in the center (AR-2a from 1962) come off of a mahogany unit?
  14. Hello Giorgio, You had a beautiful pair of 6's in teak veneer. I've yet to see an AR speaker in teak, cherry, or korina veneers. Teak veneer that I have seen appears to be lighter than walnut, while the sample in the brochure appears to be as dark, and warmer, than the walnut samples. I'm not entirely happy with the quality of the picture I uploaded and I'll likely replace it soon, however the relationship of the colors to each other appears correct. My guess is that the fabric is an original addition, and that either somebody thought it would be an easy way to use up on-hand stock before issuing an updated version of the brochure, or possibly swatches of fabric were sent to the dealers to add to existing brochures.
  15. I came across a copy of this and thought I'd scan it for addition to the library. I know Tom T. has shown this before so it's not new material, but I believe this is an earlier version with all of the AR-2 series grille cloth variations.
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