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AR-2AX tweeters


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I know i'm not the first one having a problem about 2ax sounding "muddy" or "muffled" but i'm wondering what would be the best option about replacing the original tweeters?

So far I have already changed the caps, refoamed the woofers and changed the pots, thanks jkent. I also tested the tweeters connecting one tweeter straight to the amp and there was sound but it was really quiet.

The tweeter rebuild service is in USA and also Vintage Ar replacement tweeters are there and i'm living in Finland so I think it would be too expensive with all the shipping costs and taxes.

How about that HiVi Q1R Dome tweeter, some people have used it I think?

It would be at least a lot cheaper option, does it need any changes to the frame or any changes to the crossover?

Heres couple of photos:







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Welcome Ande

Before rebuilds were available the QR1 was the preferred solution.  It is till a good one in the absence of the original tweeter.  Click the supplied link to a thread that shows and explains how to do it correctly for front wired tweeters.  Replace in pairs,  save your old tweeter bodies with domes intact and be very careful when extracting them from the grip of the decades old sealing putty because the face plates are thin plastic.


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