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Refurbished AR nameplates or labels

Giorgio AR

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The plates in question are the rectangular ones, followed by the first square ones, thin with only the AR inc logo painted (not to be treated with this method)

I have seen numerous brass plates damaged due to inadequate treatment... the writings of these labels are deeply engraved in the brass with special red paint in various shades, different over the years and producing countries.

Small tip for repainting if writing is needed: the first job to be done is in sequence, the brass can still remain oxidized, use a few drops of paint remover, after the reaction remove the residues, clean the area with "anti-fog" thinner, take a bottle of lady's nail polish of an appropriate shade, use of a brush of adequate size with soft bristles, subsequent brushstroke on the writing (you can easily overflow without worrying about it) ... after hardening and complete drying of the lacquer we move on to the brass surface, the writings return at the end...

My solution is very simple: I use a perfectly smooth base (in my case a piece of a flat marble), a piece of water-based sandpaper of a suitable size is placed on top (600 grit, not less, but if needed you can use grit 400, followed by 600), a Teflon guide that facilitates sliding, two or three fingers pressing the plate and then we start with an oscillatory movement, sliding on the guide until we obtain the desired result, then rinsing with distilled water ... we return on the previous writings. lacquered, after the passages with the abrasive paper all the excess lacquer is removed leaving the underlying perfectly written. renewed... if minimal defects remain, place a cotton rag (single or double layer) under the abrasive paper, go over again with less pressure and finish as above.

Personally I don't varnish the surface, but it is feasible, originally the plates could only be in brushed brass but also lacquered ... as desired.

Under the usual explanatory photographic kit.

Pair of AR3a plates before (they weren't the worst, but they are the only ones I can insert)...


below others: the AR2ax, the 2AR4xa are untreated, good and remain so, the single AR7 below retains the protective nylon veil and remains thus together with its sister (it belongs to the pair of late AR7s that will not be restored and kept like this!) ...


...so I renewed the plates...with makeshift means at no cost


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