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Woofers that will work with KLH Model Five


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In pairs, maybe. I have photos at home but I’m away for now. They’re probably posted here somewhere. The Twelves had double magnets, the Fives single. I never worked on the Twenty-Threes but I imagine they would have had the single magnets. 

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15 minutes ago, JKent said:

One member—I forget who—wrote that later Twelves used the Five’s woofer. I dunno. Check the pictures in this thread 


OK, I need to stop posting for a while. I keep writing 12 when I mean 23. I don't have any Model 12 speakers, but they are on my wish list. I do have Model 5 and 23, among others.

I fixed my posts, but I am sure I am confusing the heck out of JKent with my original posts. Sorry JKent.

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