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I have a Double Advent setup that I used to use for teen dances. The Onkyo receiver I always brought would clip with their crazy dance music dynamics. So I bought some Chinese mega amp and tried that. The Advents sounded glorious for about an hr and then the crossovers all started smoking about the same time. Then....lost everything but the woofer outputs.


I will knock all the crossovers out and replace components. I don't know what I'm expecting to find? Hopefully, none of the tweeters were damaged. If they are, I'll might sell all the remaining parts like the woofers. I took out all the original tweeters and replaced them with Advent suggested dome tweeters. I guess I could put them all back in if I had to. I'm not sure I want to put a lot of reno work into Advent loudspeakers at this stage in my life.


Just looking for some ideas and opinions.....



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Sell the Advents and get some pro speakers that are designed to put out 100DB+ without sending up smoke signals.

From Crutchfield's website:


10" 2-way powered PA speaker — 1,300W peak

Item #: 855EON710

In stock
  • 125 dB SPL; 65-20,000 Hz
  • Mounting: pole, wedge, fly
  • Inputs: 2 combo XLR/TRS, Bluetooth; Outputs: 1 XLR


The Advents should sell for $250/pair.

The Advents are great speakers but this is the wrong application..

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I guess I should have been clearer in my story. The Advents were replaced by Peavey's on stands with XLR leads to the Chinese amp. This is what I should have done in the first place rather than risk my home audio components. The sound is exactly what the kids wanted and all is right with the world there. The Peavey's don't even break a sweat. I can even hook up a light show to the speakers for more effects. 

I want to fix the Advents for a second system....probably down in my garage. The Advents won't sell for $250/pair with fried crossovers. And yes, the Advents were completely out of their elements. The Onkyo was protecting them in it's own way and Chinese amp was like a sledge hammer to them.



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Do you have OLA's or NLA's?  I'd guess OLA's and I would not knock out the crossovers.

You probably burnt up the red dot inductors if your speakers have them.

The woofers might make sound but are you sure that they didn't bottom and bend a voice coil former

or damage anything else?

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Hi Pete,

No, I'm not sure of anything. But all four speakers have the same issue, the tweeters don't work and the crossover switches(smoked) before the tweeter sounds failed at the dance.

My hope is that the tweeters themselves are not fried. They were all replaced with the Advent newer dome-style tweeters over the yrs. Both pairs are the older masonite woofers(OLAs?). 

The rest of the night the woofers soldiered through with equal sound, so I guess they are all OK. I think the next step is to take out the woofers and bat insulation(not foam) and look at the crossovers.

Am I likely to see something apparent? What am I looking for? Do I need to test values?





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