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  1. Thanks....be nice to keep the tweeter switch. Did you ever figure out the values for the factory setup? Kevin
  2. Thanks for that info, Pete. I didn't know that, as they sounded better to me than the original tweeters. Maybe they're just 'brighter' and that's fooled my ears. I'm not sure I have all four OLA tweeters....I think one got destroyed. The dome tweeters are oil filled, so they can probably 'take' more abuse. Where would I find the 3rd order network info for the dome tweeters? Kevin
  3. Most likely not....but it did get HOT in there....lol. And the woofers carried on for another hr........it was that or the kids and I just stared at each other. A female supervisor came over and saw the smoking Advents and said, "Is there anything I can do?" Seriously.........in all her millennial glory. Kevin
  4. Thanks for chiming in, Pete. I think for the OLA's probably just replace the caps and anything not to spec and/or fried. No, these will never leave the house environ if I get them working again. Yes, the Double Advent system kicked the Peavey's butt in bass....but only for an hr until meltdown. The Peavey's have a very directional horn for the highs.....it is what it is.....the kids love them and they're great for a PA system.....not for a house room. They have a lot to be desired but they are LOUD and they take the amp's power without a complaint. The youth group I helped found about 12 yrs ago. It's now under the umbrella of a regular children's center. They did buy the Peaveys, but I bought the stands, the cables and the Chinese amp. And I furnish a sort of Rube Goldberg laser light show with disco ball. There's a YouTube vid of the Peaveys with a great light show fastened to their bottoms, syncopated with the music. I honestly don't have the time to push the Advents to some newer dynamic never heard before by me. I think it's great Pete, that you have taken them as far as you have. But I'm quite happy with the BA T-1030's for my main speakers. I don't know what I'd do with the Advents if i took them to the next level. So......I think I'll just bring them back to the level they were before the meltdown. Now if the tweeters are all fried....maybe I'll go for something more. Will do Kent. I'll take some pics once I get inside, thanks. Kevin
  5. Lol....of course that high power Chinese brute amp smoked the Advents. Every single xo switch would burn the flesh off your fingers, they were so hot. A combination of the synthesizer used to make techno and house music dynamics along with all that power just fried things. There was never a problem with the Onkyo amp other than clipping it @110watts RMS/channel with the exact same music. Let's not go another round with the fuses advice, as I'm the one that brought them up in the first place. As I said, the speaker wires with the fuse blocks had been misplaced and there wasn't time to rig new ones. I took a chance as we often do in life and I lost. Let's try to figure out the damage now and move forward, thank you. I'll see if I can work through the woofer hole, but my hands are pretty big. I like Marks advice of maybe making another board and attaching it to the existing one....maybe with some grommets on each corner with a screw through the middle. I also don't know if I can get the return on my investment/ears by using all those fancy components Kent pictured. They look fantastic....but the tweeter upgrade I did probably did more. They sure sounded a lot sweeter on the top end. Kevin
  6. Thanks for the link. I'll probably buy a set and compare to what's on there. I'm pretty sure what's on there is wrong for one set, but the other set is OK....been too long to remember that stuff. I use Boston Acoustics's T-1030 for my reference set now. I have one woofer that makes a mechanical BLAAAAT sound @high volume. Thanks to a forum member here, there's a guy that will repair the voice coil. Simply Speakers determined the voice coil was the problem, but couldn't fix it. They wanted to throw it away....I said NO....sure there was someone redoing voice coils out there and indeed there was. I got lucky on my second set of OLA's. They must not be that far apart in their production scheme of things, as they both have the fiberglass batting and the Masonite woofers. They actually look identical inside. Can't speak for the xo's because I don't remember comparing. For yrs I remember everyone talking about that 'foam' they used and had no idea what they were talking about until I saw a pic....LOL. Kevin
  7. Hey Mark....will takes pics of everything when I get to it. I'm rebuilding a work truck transmission and clutch at the moment. Also trying to reconcile the notoriously bad motor that drives the capstan flywheel for a Tandberg 10XD reel to reel. The little Hall effect motor they used is giving me fits. The Advents will come after that. I probably won't punch out the crossover plates then....I think one of the woofer sets has the wrong surrounds. Classic case of someone selling surrounds that weren't correct for the OLA's. Does anyone have a good source for the correct surrounds on the Masonite woofers? Kevin
  8. Thanks guys. Good looking work, Kent! The higher range of the OLA's was always subjective against other speakers of their day. Personally, I think the 'fried egg' tweeters had a lot to be desired. Next step is to test the dome tweeters and then see what has become of the crossovers. The vinyl pair I bought in college new, so there's a lot of history there....lol. Be a shame not to restore both sets if at all possible. A Double Advent system is sort of a niche in audio history. Kevin
  9. I'm amused there is all this judgemental chastising when I freely admit it was a dumb thing to do. I'm 70 yrs old.....I'm gonna make mistakes like this I didn't in my youth....especially when pressured at one of these dances. We only do it twice a yr, but every yr it gets harder for me. I have to set up everything but the food concession. If you've ever done a lot of volunteer work you know that if you do something well, you're hammered to do it yr after yr......lack of resources, lack of help etc. So please, let's not go on and on about what you would have done and certainly would have fused them etc, etc. My actual fuse blocks and speaker wire got misplaced and so I just bunted at the last hr...bad call. Let's try to stay on focus to the actual damage done and rest assured these Advents will never again run un-fused and with this kind of music & volume levels. I had asked the question earlier if I could just take a block of wood and drive the crossover base out through the front without incident? Kevin
  10. Thank you for that! I'd much rather go this route than buying something to 'match' the original sound. I knew someone out there might repair voice coils on these. Great photo of your "family" stable. Kevin
  11. It's just been a clipping issue all these yrs and I would back down the volume. The Advents showed no signs of fatigue or the crossovers heating up. I used to use fast blow fuses on the speaker wires, but stupidly didn't have them on when I switched to the QSC. That might have saved the Advents. If the tweeters are fried, I might just part out all the speaker parts. Unless quality dome tweeters are readily available that sound similar. I'll still have the issue of the fried crossovers most likely. I think I do have all the original tweeters but I think that's a step backward. Yeah, saw the page about crossovers, thanks.
  12. The Advents worked very well for yrs & yrs if I watched for clipping.....but bringing in the big DJ amp was my mistake. I really thought the Advents could take it. I remember in college seeing double Advents hooked up to Phase Linear 700 systems. But there's dampening issue differences and I don't think rock has the music dynamics of techno and house music. Just like we didn't want to be told not to listen to loud music when we were kids, the same applies today. We do have some kids on the autistic spectrum (as they call it) and so they limit the really loud stuff in severity. Yeah, the Peavey's are awesome in this application....and there is a light show I can attach to the bottom with laser lights changing to the music. Kevin
  13. Thank you. I have an old working Fluke. OLA's all of them....vinyl and wood veneer. All have the Masonite woofers. The tweeters were the recommended domes replacements way back in the day. If I haven't destroyed the tweeters, this would be a good time to update the crossovers. Supposedly, you can just punch then out fwd form the back using a blunt piece of wood? I will happily include pics when I get the crossovers out. Kevin
  14. Hi All, For many yrs I have been the designated "DJ" for a youth group. We always got by with my various receivers and four Advent Loudspeakers hooked up like the original Absolute Sound article designates. The only problem over the yrs was clipping my receivers in the large space with the techno and house music they like. The last receiver I used was the Onkyo TX8500. 110Watts RMS/channel. Still clipped it. So I bought a QSC GX5 amp...Chinese DJ amp. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 500-700 watts/channel depending on how they write their specs. Anyway, everything was going great for the first hr. Then as you might imagine, the back of the speakers started to smoke and the crossover switch would burn your flesh to touch. Only the woofers were still working at this point and stayed that way the rest of the dance. Afterward, I got some DJ Peavey speakers and all has been good.....but at my expense. I'm hoping it's just the crossovers that got burned up. Is there a way to test the tweeters themselves to see if they survived? I replaced all the original tweeters with the newer style domes many yrs ago. Kevin
  15. After a long back & forth with Simply Speakers, they have determined I have a bad voice coil in one of my 4 woofers. It's a mechanical BLAAAAAAT sound at high listening levels. Gleaning info off the Net, it was said by the speaker's designer that the woofers in the T1030 are not the same as the woofers in the T-1000. I'll take him at his word. I think the T-1000 has a round shape and mine are sort of squarish and that they will handle more power. Is this correct and I should be looking only for used T-1030 woofers? Has anyone subbed in a Peerless or something of a sonic equal to the originals? Kevin
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