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Looking for single or sets of ar3 or 3a cabinets. Need 4 total.

scottie munoz

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Shipping is not a concern.  No there is no condition requirements.  Solid and without traumatic holes I guess everything else will work for me for the most part these are all going to be revenued so as long as there's not any super massive you know trauma which means you don't have to be super careful with white gloves and packaging them and of course I would composite you in the sale price for your time to package and ship now I'll gladly pay you half immediately on whatever we negotiate on and if it takes you to 2 weeks, 6 weeks+ to ship...I'm patient.  The balance a payment will be paid whenever you ship them out and include a tracking number.   Living in Detroit area so it'd be nice if it was closer to me but again I'll take what I can get.

Beat the hell up cabinets are fine even preferred for cost sakes they're all going to be revenued so that's I'm good with just about any condition if you got any other classic era beat up or not up cabinets like that please let me know same goes for ar5 or 4X (6, 7?) looking for cabinets for all thank you very much

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