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Is it possible to upgrade the tweeters in the CR7? Is it better to just find a pair of CR8 or CR9?


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Hi everyone,

I was hoping somebody still wanted to talk about the CR series a bit more? I started a new thread because that older one is two years old and I didn't want to barge in.

I recently posted on Reddit asking around for details and opinions about the CR7 and a kind user turned me onto a thread here with Steve J detailing his experience with the CR series and I got so excited. I could listen to/read him talk about that stuff all day.


I have a pair of Boston Acoustic CR7's that I purchased to celebrate my first paycheck at my first "real" office job back in the late 90s. Up until then, I made next to no money as a sound engineer. I got them at United Audio and I think I paid a bit under $300 for the pair. I picked them out of a live demo lineup in the listening room and I thought they punched way above their weight and sounded as good if not better than some speakers that were 2 or 3 times as expensive. (A few years later I somehow blew both drivers and United Audio replaced them for free, which was part of their guarantee back then.)

After auditioning a pair of those infamous Sony SSCS5's today and being very impressed with the open-air extreme highs (but disappointed with the low end) my love for the CR7's grew exponentially. They're just so rich, warm (and I prefer exciting speakers, go figure) and can fill a room so well. They sound like how your favorite down comforter feels in the middle of a Chicago winter with the heat off.

I'm going to send the Sony's back, but now I'm wondering if I could upgrade the tweeters in the CR7s with those Kortec tweeters used in other BA models to get something close to the Sony's high end detail? Or would it be easier/better to just sell them and look for a pair of CR8's or CR9's and take the risk that they're not trashed? Or for that matter, grab something newer like the last version of the Klipsch RP-500M's that are on sale for $250 right now since they're discontinued.

I'd be thrilled to hear anyone's opinions here. I'm so glad I found this site. Thanks!

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On 8/16/2022 at 7:59 PM, Mudflapper said:

I'd be thrilled to hear anyone's opinions here. I'm so glad I found this site.

I have CR 65s and 75s.  The 75s are a CR7 with the Kortec tweeter and a bit better cabinet.   For the money any of the CR series in good working order will be very hard to outclass with a modern two way ported speaker using comparable woofer size.  The CR 8x, 9x are pretty rare these days.  



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Thanks for the reply. I’m keeping an eye out for the CR75 and C85 in particular, as well as the CR8. I’ve seen some online but they’re usually pretty beat up. I’m pretty anal with keeping my gear in near mint shape so it’s a bit frustrating. 

I was wondering if I could just drop in new tweeters (or even better the Kortecs) in my CR7’s but that might be more trouble than it’s worth. I was hoping Steve F or someone else from BA might be able to tell me if that’s possible.

Or, I could probably just find an EQ. I sold my graphic years ago and I’m regretting it. 

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You're right, Aadams. 

My problem might be solved: Coincidentally, I happened to find a pair of CR8's in good shape via social media. They're asking only $40 but wanted local pickup. We spoke and I asked if they could ship for $75 total, if that's not enough I'll offer more. I never score great finds like this so it would be a first for me. Wish me luck. Then I'll need to sell my CR7s. I have a small apartment and don't have the room, so I'd like them to go to a good home.


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I grabbed the CR8's and the sound is stunning. It's taken me a few hours to understand them because the CR7's have more pronounced low end and the highs have more sizzle, but the CR8's are perfectly balanced. The lows have much more clarity and don't get muddy even when I tried putting them 2" away from a wall. The highs are much more detailed. I would like a bit more 14k or so to give the sound a bit more sheen but cymbals sound much more like cymbals over the CR7's. 

But where these things shine is the high mids. They either just weren't there with the 7's and when I booted them they sounded a bit harsh. I listen to all kinds of music — from classic country to jazz to proper Chicago house and Detroit techno, from Talk Talk to My Bloody Valentine to Mike Nesmith, Nat King Cole and Eddie Blazonczyk — and these speakers made everything sound beautiful. Female vocals are gorgeous, from early Curve to Cocteau Twins. 

I'm ecstatic that I found them in such great condition. One of the grills is dented but I don't use them anyway. The drivers and baffles are spotless. I cleaned them up like I was on a mission from God and they look great.

The kicker: I bought them from an very nice Elvis impersonator from Indiana. As I mentioned before he was asking $40 for them, local pickup, but they were in such good shape I ultimately offered him $100 and now I have them. He packed them so well, covered with rubberized shelf liners and newspaper, in two separate boxes. 

Can you tell I'm happy? This made my year.

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Just got a pair of CR8's locally today myself. I agree, they do sound stunning. I'm really surprised. I had a pair of CR9's years ago, but different place and time and gear and life and so probably didn't give them a fair tryout.


In any event, it's nice to finally have a small pair of speakers to rotate with some of the big boys in the collection.



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