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Please Help - AR TSW510 Speaker defect

Guest sopran

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im new here at this Forum and nat first excuse my english its very bad (i´m from Germany near Munich. i have a problem with my speakers AR TSW510. The speakers are defect.

I need any technical data from this Speakers: Miderange-1210078-0 and Woofer-1210074-0 to buy something similar.

What ist the Impedance from the Mid and the Woofer?

In the operating instructions is located the Speakers are 4 ohms but here i read in forum this kind has 8 ohms.

Which manufacturer and/ore what kind of speaker can i buy to replace this both?

Thanks for all



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Do not throw away your original drivers!!!

Your speakers will never be the same if you do!

You just need new surrounds for them and it is a pretty easy and cheap repair.

You can buy a kit and do it yourself, or some repair shop can do it for you.

You just have to find replacement surrounds as close to original as possible.

Check out these photos:




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Wow this thread is 15 yeas old. I have a pair of TSW510 speakers with mismatched  woofers. The one on the left is the original poly cone and on the right a AB Tech replacement. 


The original reads 3.7 ohms.


The AB Tech replacement reads 7 ohms.


Believe it or not they don't sound too bad together. If anyone has a original poly cone woofer for the TSW510 please let me know. 

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