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Mid Ar 200044-0


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Thank you for these measurements.

These mids have a sealed box HP electro-acoustical response that is only slightly off

from a Butterworth (B2) alignment.  Fs or really Fc is the -3dB frequency and the Qts is

.66 to .69 with .707 being Butterworth.

I've said this before but might as well repeat it here, a Linkwitz-Riley 4th order alignment

has been called Butterworth squared because the 4th order response is the cascade of

two B2 HP filters with the same Fc.  If the crossover is B2 (Q=.707) with F3 about equal

to the Fc of the drivers then it would be a Linkwitz-Riley crossover.  This could be by 

coincidental or one group knew of the other's work.

What is clear is that AR moved the Fc of the mids to roughly match the crossover point

and that is a good thing.

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