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AR 2AX tweeter dome popping


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Hi, this is my first post. I recently got a pair of AR-2AX. I believe they are the old version that has the orange/red dome tweeters. All the drivers are working including the tweeters, but one of the two has the dome popping out as shown in the photos. Please let me know if I should fix it or just leave it as is until it's broken. I am just worried that it will not last long. Please let me know too if someone here has a spare of the orange tweeter that you may sell. 

Thanks in advance.



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I thought you would have received an answer by now.  The short answer is if they sound ok now you can go a while longer until the failure becomes obvious.  They can be restored to original working condition by either @RoyC or @Chris1this1 both whom are CSP members and who can be contacted via CSP direct message. 

Protect those orange domes.  They are irreplaceable.

Also, these tweeters should be restored in pairs.  If one breaks you should overhaul both. 


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