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Advent 6003 rehab


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Started to rehab a pair of 6003’s that I purchased in the mid 80’s. They have been stored in my basement for the past 15 years.

I glued in some new foam surrounds on the woofers and tested the resistance. Both appear ok with consistent readings.

The mids also test ok but the domes are somewhat crushed. The brochure indicates the mids have ferrofluid in them. I have no idea the condition of the fluid but see no leaks.

The dome tweeters are also dimpled and tested out at 4.6 ohms. Not sure what the standard is. 

I see there is an online source for the 4.5 x 5” 1” Advent tweeters but they are 4 ohm and I believe the 6003’s are an 8 ohm speaker.

In regards to the mids, if I need to replace them, can anyone recommend an aftermarket replacement that will work with the existing crossover? Since I just recapped the original, I do not wish to go back.

Any advise would be appreciated.D9308E8B-A235-418B-AA6C-AD03FD4049C1.thumb.jpeg.305d1dfcddcbe2eb072c742d443ed1b2.jpegD9308E8B-A235-418B-AA6C-AD03FD4049C1.thumb.jpeg.305d1dfcddcbe2eb072c742d443ed1b2.jpeg



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I have picked out the domes on original Advent tweeters with a needle before and it works OK but the hard material is never going to come back out perfectly again as the creases kind of stay there. It's better than leaving them completely caved in, though.



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