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AR2ax pots: original setting

Giorgio AR

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From the "bible" of the AR3a Restoration we know the original adjustment of the balance of the mid and high pots, respectively 3.25 ohm and 1.75 ohm but I have been trying for years to find the right 0 dot to adjust as per AR project pots of my AR2axs which are notoriously difficult to balance precisely in the emission of their mid cone.
Does anyone know the right values to correctly position the 0 dot position as originally?
This discovery would please me and the many AR2ax owners who do not find the right balance in the too intrusive mid emission compared to the remaining range.
It would be nice to also know the 0 dot of AR2, AR2a, AR4x, AR5 and Ar6.


Up are the knobs of a pair of my AR3a screwed on the axis of the pots at 0 dot, the pots were previously set at 3.25 ohm (mid) and at 1.75 ohm (tw).

To my ears the sound is perfect, never move the knobs from this position!

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9 hours ago, Giorgio AR said:

Dalla "bibbia" del Restauro AR3a conosciamo la regolazione originale del bilanciamento dei potenziometri medi e alti, rispettivamente 3,25 ohm e 1,75 ohm ma sono anni che cerco di trovare il punto 0 giusto da regolare come da pot progetto AR dei miei AR2ax che sono notoriamente difficili da bilanciare proprio nell'emissione del loro mid cone.
Qualcuno conosce i valori giusti per posizionare correttamente la posizione del punto 0 come in origine?
Questa scoperta farebbe piacere a me e ai tanti possessori di AR2ax che non trovano il giusto equilibrio nei medi troppo invadenti rispetto al resto della gamma.
Sarebbe bello conoscere anche il punto 0 di AR2, AR2a, AR4x, AR5 e Ar6.


In alto ci sono le manopole di una coppia del mio AR3a avvitate sull'asse dei potenziometri a 0 dot, i potenziometri erano precedentemente regolati a 3,25 ohm (mid) ea 1,75 ohm (tw).

Per le mie orecchie il suono è perfetto, non muovere mai le manopole da questa posizione!

The Ar2ax do not come with black knobs, but with an arrow engraved on the potentiometer shaft. If the potentiometer is fixed in place with the socket in the masonite, to make the measurement you put the dart on the white dot and measure the R between B and 1 of the rheostat. It should be 6 ohms for the midrange and 4 ohms for the tweeter.

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Thanks for the update, my AR2ax have 8 ohm L-Pads that I have to replace (at least in the mid's) with a couple of original Aetna Pots, after the change and proper adjustment I will finally enjoy the original sound (without intrusive mid's) of my AR2ax , unlistenable in my opinion with L-Pad.

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1 hour ago, Giorgio AR said:

Grazie per l'aggiornamento, il mio AR2ax ha degli L-Pad da 8 ohm che devo sostituire (almeno nei medi) con un paio di Aetna Pots originali, dopo la modifica e la corretta regolazione potrò finalmente godermi il suono originale (senza medi invadenti ) del mio AR2ax, inascoltabile secondo me con L-Pad.

I think the 8ohm constant impedance L-Pads, need to be replaced on both mid and tweeter, the 4nF capacitor for proper high pass operation needs to see the original 16 ohm rheostat load and the tweeter load 8 ohms as originally (same thing on the midrange).

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7 minutes ago, giovanni56 said:

L-Pads, need to be replaced on both mid and tweeter

Thanks, of the Pots that I have 2 are perfect and another 2 are small missing, with the tester I will find the operating position closest to the recommended ... then I do not move this setting, I stick to the specifications suggested by AR, in my opinion the best setting .

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