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Best woofer for AR LST

Giorgio AR

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Looking at my photos today I found this below ...


... It is one of my AR LSTs, before receiving the original voofer after refoaming and provisionally with a 200003 woofer belonging to AR11.
The woofer was there only to cover the hole in the seat, so it was not tested.
My doubt is whether this 200003 woofer can integrate better than the original, both as a response to low frequencies, and to be able to increase the pot. max applicable to AR LST.
Is there anyone who has experienced this combination? I have seen several pairs with replacement woofers from AR Tonegen, never with AR 200003 woofers! I believe the Tonegen woofers are capable of handling powers even higher than 200003, but they lose a few Hz in the bass, and they also lose the "heaviness" of the original AR woofer.



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14 hours ago, Giorgio AR said:

Guardando le mie foto oggi ho trovato questa qui sotto...


... È uno dei miei AR LST, prima di ricevere il voofer originale dopo il refoaming e provvisoriamente con un woofer 200003 appartenente all'AR11.
Il woofer era lì solo per coprire il foro nel sedile, quindi non è stato testato.
Il mio dubbio è se questo woofer 200003 possa integrarsi meglio dell'originale, sia come risposta alle basse frequenze, sia per poter aumentare il pot. max applicabile ad AR LST.
C'è qualcuno che ha sperimentato questa combinazione? Ho visto diverse coppie con woofer sostitutivi di AR Tonegen, mai con woofer AR 200003! Credo che i woofer Tonegen siano in grado di gestire potenze anche superiori a 200003, ma perdono qualche Hz nei bassi, e perdono anche la "pesantezza" del woofer AR originale.



Giorgio, the woofer 200003 used in Ar3a is ok for LST, but also the more recent one used in Ar10p/Ar11 with the white on black logo. The TNG is equally good, I have measured several of them and the differences are really minimal, if you adjust the Qtc of the speaker by changing the amount of glass wool, the bass of the TNG is practically, equivalent to that of its American cousin. The TNG can handle a little more power and is less prone to bottom out.

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16 hours ago, VinylChef said:

Hi Giorgio,

I have a spare LST bass driver...

Hi David, thank you for your kind offer but my AR LST have their original woofers mounted.
Waiting for the refoaming to cover the woofer hole I had put the 200003 woofers in surplus that I have! My thought and the meaning of the title of the Thread was to know if the newer woofers can be replaced by the originals by improving the performance of the AR LST.

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5 hours ago, giovanni56 said:

Giorgio, the woofer 200003 used in Ar3a is ok for LST...

Dear Giovanni, the 200003 woofers that I own as spare parts are from '78 year, not AR3a but AR10 / 11 MK2, identical and a few weeks more recent than those of my AR10TT MK ".
I also own a pair of AR10TT replica, circa 1990 which all have speakers made by Tonegen and probably this pair sounds better in my opinion in the mid / high range than the older originals. Regarding the output of the woofer, as already stated, I prefer the AR ones.
Anyway I have to redo the crossovers of both pairs and on that occasion I will weigh the sound absorbing material of the cabinets (the material looks like white polyester for both).

Up AR10TT replica, under AR10TT MK2


200003 AR10TT MK2 woofer, two on left and 200003 spare on right


Too bad the color difference between the 2 woofers on the left, caused by the different placement in the environment of the AR10TTs


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On 7/23/2021 at 3:58 PM, VinylChef said:

No worries. I think I misinterpreted your post. All good!

Documenting the original 1971 AR LST woofer here is how one of the 2 was, and then how it is now after receiving the correct new foam.



...and after receiving new foam...foam7.jpg.fec5c5323b6b6bd54989ac6205e6fb5e.jpg

At home! put back in the seat of its AR LST !!


...1971 AR LST


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