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Ar 2ax got wet on a rainy day


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One thing you can do to prevent water spotting in the future is to add a layer of finishing oil to your cabinets every year or two. AR speakers were usually oil finished, meaning they used some sort of oil/varnish combination as the finishing agent on top of the wood stain used to finish the cabinet.

Oil finishes don’t last forever. That is they start to dry and lose some of their protective capacity every year. That’s the bad news, as you discovered when your 2ax’s got wet. The good news is that you can add a layer of Tung, Teak, or Danish oil to the surface every couple of years to keep them looking new and keep some level of water resistance. 

If you don’t want to bother with that, simply add a few layers of urethane varnish to the surface of the speaker cabinets. Three layers of urethane varnish will last for many years, and will make the cabinets pretty water mark resistant. But once you have done that you can never use an oil finish on the cabinet again. You’ve pretty much sealed the wood with a layer of plastic and it will be incapable of absorbing any oil finishes again.

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