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My Advent 1 sound like transistor radios


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Check to be sure the surrounds are intact all the way around and that the cabinet is sealed. With everything together, carefully push the woofer cone in and it should return fairly slowly, not immediately. Be sure it's not something other than the speakers, too.

Can you hear anything, at all, from the woofers?

Also, just because the crossovers look OK, it doesn't mean they are. The components need to be checked.


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I put some power to both, one if I push on the cone I get sound for a second then it cuts out, the other nothing.  Pushing on the cones I don't feel any rubbing and they come back slowly, surround are good. I think burned up voice coils?

I might scrap this pair as the cabinets had some water damage and were rough shape but they sounded good.

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How about if you remove the woofers and connect directly to each one? If it's still dead or intermittent they're probably toast. If you like the speakers maybe send the dead woofs to Bill LeGall.

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