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Other AR-LSTs in the World


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 I like to pride myself with knowing that I'm one of the few who are so lucky to own and listen to the first version of these speakers in my main system.  This later version of speakers shown below were offered after AR discontinued the remarkably famous AR-LST ending in 1976. These were the first issue that “Mark Levinson ” produced these using all the same AR drivers and only mildly massaging the cross-over as one of the only changes. So, other than the X-over being slightly changed, these are for all intents exactly like the original LST.  Later on, they were offered with  'Dynaudio' drivers increasing the price and probably sounding a smidgen different, though there are those that have heard both and still prefer them with the original AR drivers. With the newer drivers, their power-handling no doubt increased.  I could understand, I’ve burned-out all 16 tweeters in mine years ago   The pictured granite stands were also offered by M.L. and were insanely priced.

First time I saw them @ ‘Singer’  outlet on B’way (NYC) they wanted $8,500. for a used singular pair in 1991. When I asked for a better price, I was told maybe a few hundred could be discounted.  I recall walking away full well knowing I had two pairs at home though, I was still shocked by the asking price.

Now, I wonder if anyone here would be the new owner of these?

Me?   I already own three (3) pairs and I haven’t installed the third set yet in my planned ‘music room’ which is 20 X13 X 8. This other room will include my guitars, basses, amps, etc. I’m doing this because I’ve returned to playing and even though I forgot many, many things about playing and the going is slow, it’s a great pastime. Though, ‘Old dog, new tricks’ is no lie. It’s more difficult for me presently as compared to 57 years ago when I started learning and playing in 1964 and I was in a number of bands enjoying that whole scene in that era.*


P.S. If this guy was actually using that tired Mac amp (?) for all four, I’d not enjoy to hear these as in no way is that anywhere near the optimal route in terms of power.

I use two Phase Linear Series II PL-700, 1980 rebuilt amps that double their 360 watts @8 ohms RMS per-channel up to 700 watts RMS per-channel @ 4 ohms so, I can tell you, I’ve been to the mountain top.

*I still have in good condition my original “Beatle” boots I purchased back then in late 1964, and my original ‘Nehru' shirt and hip-hugger pin-striped bell bottoms from 1968. Also in daily life in early 1968 I had the long-hair and wore 'love-beads' with a couple of bracelets and rings. The later bands even had our own group of 'groupies'. Great fun and times in a note worthy time that was like no other since.

Below Not my speakers swiped from web.


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I've always had mine set-up as shown. I've read and there seems to be both opinions as being satisfactory.  Though, I do agree and it makes more sense to have the tweeters grouped together affording more focus as you've stated. I may try it at some point but, the system sounds so magnificently wonderful as it is, no sense on fixing it if ain't broken. Besides, these cabinets are extremely difficult to move around. AR-3a's are a chore to move, LST's are a major project.

The most important is using high-power amplification. I for 5 years used two PL-400's with 400 watts RMS per-channel and they sounded unbelievably good. With 700 watts per-channel the situation is launching oneself into the stratosphere while gazing upwards. I can attest that the full appreciation-factor is not realized unless they're heard with the higher power. These behemoths soak-up power like no other and the more they have, the more they benefit from.  Being on this forum, I know most don't find any credibility in my stressing this point for the almost 17 years that I've been saying it but, one doesn't know until one hears it, do one? The other most important factor is the attention and money spent of quality 'input' components. There's no consideration given to middle road pre-amps or low quality CD or vinyl sources as these speakers are very revealing to all 'upstream' components inline.

The first time I experienced the use of higher power with them, I walked around for more than a week feeling thunder-struck and certainly every time I listen to them.

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Hi DavidR, that foto is not mine. I posted that foto here a decade ago or so. I posted it because even though it looks so impressive I'm almost certain that the pictured set-up is not the best for these speakers. Then again, I don't know all of the particulars. There appears to be at least four huge monster amps behind the speakers and perhaps there's a sub-woofer or two in the background? There's also some heavy looking cabling to the speakers. Ultimately, I wouldn't know unless I was there and heard them but that's not going to happen. Giving the benefit of the doubt here, they must sound magnificent.

These speakers as almost every AR speaker benefit the most from being against the front wall. I've tried a few configurations and against the wall provides the ultimate bass response whereas mid-room bass seemed to disappear. In terms of the location of that foto. It appears to be a TV/film studio because of the large 'flats' against the wall and black curtains seen about in addition to the high ceilings and large entrance doors and overhead industrial lights.  My conclusion is this is a professional or stage set-up maybe used for sound reinforcement of stage or TV production/editing. Of course this further attests to the high quality of these speakers.  So yes, that foto is an impressive site to see.

We've already discussed that with my 3 sets of LST's and my three PL-700 Series II amplifiers so, in terms of equipment ability I would have no problem setting up an similar type of system. One immediate issue is setting up a safe platform which would facilitate placing the 90 pound cabinet on top of the two LST's I already in place.  Hooking cables behind it is a whole other precarious proposition. In the event of fuse replacement, it's another difficult situation as those fuses are tough to pull at such a height. Ultimately, I decided it was too dangerous in a 'home' situation. But yes, the possible option gnaws at me to attempt it at some point like site-member  "ARsurround" wants me to try.

 I love my system and music to untold degrees but, not enough to have an almost 100lb. speaker fall on top of me with two others careening down crushing my gentle little body. Though, since "ARsurround" is probably only an hour or so driving distance away, I may ask him to come over and help.


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Hi All,

I am in the process of restoring 2 pairs of AR MSTs, sorting the cabinets and re-foaming as starters.  Was posting an update to a few friends and my new neighbour just told me that he has a pair of LSTs in his garage, they were apparently from the BBC Studios here in the UK.  What a co-incidence that so many rare AR speakers would end up so close to each other.  He had no idea how rare or how valuable they could be until I told him.  He will be delivering them to me this weekend so I can have a look, hoping they are OK.  Will post some pictures when they arrive.

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Good afternoon/evening,

I’ve just stumbled on these posts and would like an objective opinion from AR LST owners.

I’ve come accross a used pair of LST’s for sale. Price is $1250 CAD (I’m in Canada) From the pictures I’ve seen, the cabinets are in pristine condition. The seller states he bought them from the original owner a few years ago.

1- All reviews state these speakers need power: would a Rega Elicit R amp  (105wpc into 8 ohms) be to weak to drive them? If hooked up to this amp, what would be the danger to amp? Speakers? Should I think of using the Elicit as a pre-amp and buying a used Bryston 4b (Output power: 250W continuous into 8 ohms (24dBW), 400Wpc rms continuous into 4 ohms (23dBW).

2- If need be, where in the world should I look for spare/replacement parts for these speakers?

Any basic info on best set up & restoration tips will be VERY appreciated.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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