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I posted few questions about them, but nobody replied...

I only know that they are from late mid eighties.

I remember them having some good reviews in british hifi press.

Other models I saw were 33BX 2-way 10" bass 1" tweeter, 35BX 3-way 8" bass 6" mid 1" tweeter and 44BX 3-way 10" bass 6" mid 1" tweeter.

Beside AR98LS, AR30BF (Connoisseur series) I also have a pair of 44BX

you have their picture at:


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I stumbled on this ancient thread and thought it might be good to add my knowledge as a 44bx owner from the UK who read and still owns most of the British hifi magazines from the time.

They were designed in the AR facility in Dunstable, England by Dave Berriman, for the UK and European market.  There were several models in the range - most of the above is correct, except there was no 35bx.  However, there was a 55, which had a 12" woofer and a 66 which was identical, except for the wood veneer instead of the vinyl one.

The mid driver in the 44, 55 & 66 was enclosed in a cylindrical sub-assembly and the frossovers were low on parts count.

They were all quite well reviewed, though perhaps some were a little damned with faint praise.  Personally, at the time, I thought nothing could be better than a pair of 66s crowning a system of mine.  It never came to be but I bought a pair of 44s a little later for a stupid low price. I still own them and they are used often.  They are extremely capable speakers.


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